Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIAW- Pancakes, Coffee & Chocolate, Oh My!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday friends!

I've been trying to be a good little blogger and get some foodie pics for you this week.

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Jenn's food pics make me drool.
Before we dig into this week's eats, I realized that I forgot to show you my birthday cake.
That's a Reese's Pieces Blizzard Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen.  
Yes, it was as good as it looks.
Thanks to my new eating plan (South Beach Diet) I've been roasting veggies...

...and grilling various kinds of protein.  Tuesday night was lamb chops.

Katie & Mandy just finished a week of Little Mermaid dress rehearsals and a weekend of performances.  Keeping them fed is quite the project.  
They have been requesting breakfast food at 8 or 9 pm.

I made them multi-grain pancakes a few nights ago- they barely spoke before stuffing their faces.
I knew that we were going to have a busy week.  Being a theatre mom has a lot in common with being a runner.  Endurance is a requirement.  

I planned ahead and bought this nifty container for snacking.  
The packaging said it was for parties.  I decided my life is a party and I'm using it now.

I filled one level with veggies, fruit, cheese & beef snacks.
My peeps scarfed down the cheese & beef pretty quick.
I filled the top with deviled eggs.
Um, yeah... I really did fill the whole thing.  Then everyone came home.  

Also on Tuesday I took Katie & Mandy with me when I voted.  We all got stickers.
I don't care who you voted for...I just think it's nice if you can let your kids see you do it.

Then we went to Barnes & Noble.  We are incapable of spending less than an hour in that place.  We are all book-obsessed.  Plus, they have a Starbucks right there!

I think this one is my new favorite Starbucks because the nice girl spelled my name correctly. (woohoo!) This was a tall, skinny peppermint mocha. 

Katie enjoyed something iced with coffee & chocolate.  
I forget what it was- her order is usually complicated.
Mandy kept it simple with a chocolate milk.
But it looks like she's considering the Tazo tea.

I also snagged this fantastic bag! I posted this picture on Facebook.  My non-skiing friends didn't care for it. (weird, huh?)  Last year our snowfall was completely insufficient for our cross-country skiing needs.  I'm hopeful that this year we're getting buried regularly.

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