Thursday, November 1, 2012

Waiting for the Better

A few days ago a facebook friend posed the question, 
"Does the first mile of your run ever become easy?"  She said that she just always feels awful at the beginning of a run but if she powers through, things get better.

After 5 half marathons I know that mile 8 & 9 will just be hard.  That's when I start to feel like I've just been running for a long time and I'd like to be done thank you very much.

But when I get to mile 10 something happens. I get a second wind when I see that marker and realize that there's just a little 5K left to run. Suddenly I find that there is a little pep left in my step and I find the better part.

As I get older (I turned 40 last week) I have discovered that lessons I learn while I'm running often translate to the rest of my life.

Very often when things circumstances are at their worst, things are about to get better.

But, we have to keep running. We have to keep moving through hardships and navigating through rough waters in order to find the "better".

Imagine if I stopped at mile 8.5.

I'd never know the excitement of the cheering at the finish line. 
Never collect my medal and grab a much-needed water bottle.

If I chose not to keep pushing forward, I'd never get to hug my kids at the finish line and share a celebratory brunch.

Nothing lasts forever- even the tough parts of life & running.

Sometimes the key to finding the better part is trudging through the bad.

When I first stated running, the first mile always hurt. It never felt good and I'd find myself wondering, "why am I doing this?" and "I hate this. I should just go home." But I found that if I just pushed through mile 1, mile 2 felt better. Mile 3 felt downright fabulous.

Don't quit when it hurts. Keep moving... Wait for the Better.

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