Friday, November 23, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey!

Are we all recovered from Thanksgiving?

I think we have officially done more than our fair share of eating and relaxing.

We started our Thanksgiving celebration at the ERC Turkey Trot.  This year's trot boasted a record 4,000+ pre-registered runners and walkers.  The event included a 5K walk, 5K run and a 10K run.

After an unexpected walk from the parking area to the starting line (less shuttle busses this year) we dropped Mandy & Grandma Glo at the gathering area for walkers.
Grandma Glo sported her 2009 Turkey Trot shirt so that everyone would know she is a 5K veteran.  She said I wasn't allowed to put her picture on the blog because she didn't do her hair.  
So nobody tell her, ok?

Then Katie, Kristina (BRF) & I headed off to the gathering area for 5K runners and asked a nice stranger to take our picture.
See the hats?  We stripped them off shortly after we started running.  The weather was unbelievable... 55 degrees and sunny.  I actually said, "I'm hot" at one point.  
This is not normal talk for a Turkey Trot.

Kristina and I decided that we felt a little let-down at the lack of rain & snow.  Normally we get big bragging rights for battling the elements on Thanksgiving.  Not so this year, we were out there enjoying beautiful sunshine with our 4,000 new friends.

As we were lining up, I overheard a guy say that he was hoping to run/walk the 5K in less than 50 minutes.  I told my girls that we needed to move forward because we were going to finish around 40 minutes.  At that point, Katie & Kristina got a little worried that I was going to try to kill them.  

They both employ a run/walk method and I was planning to stick with them the whole time.  The Turkey Trot is all about family fun for me- my time is so not important.  However, I was determined to deliver these two to the finish line with a time they could be excited about.

We had a great time out there.  We waved to many friends and yelled to strangers about how fun the guilt-free pie was going to be later.  
We also enjoyed several runners dressed in creative turkey costumes!

Our official chip time was 39:00.  This was a PR for both Katie & Kristina.  
I'm so glad that I got to be there with them.

We admired our favorite shoes- complete with Turkey Trot chips.

Katie even got her picture taken with Spidey, who ran our Turkey Trot 5K with us. 
It's ok to be jealous.

We finally found Grandma Glo and Mandy at the finish line only to discover that they had found our friends Cathy & Caitlin out on the course.  You can always count on Grandma & Mandy to gather a party around them.

Then we all headed off to find our cars again.

We made our annual mad dash through the drive-thru at Tim Horton's.  We got a mixed dozen donuts & drinks for all.  I got an iced carmel mocha latte.  
I decided that I do not enjoy it as much as the warm version.  Oh well, live and learn.

We all went home for much needed showers and then met back at Grandma Glo's for dinner.

Aunt Kristina brought her corn bread casserole- this is Katie's favorite Thanksgiving dish so she was thrilled.  I brought home leftovers and they're already gone.

I made spinach dip.  Kristina and I decided that it still counts as a vegetable.

Grandma Glo & Mandy worked on setting the table and making everything festive.  
There was loads of food and a good time was had by all.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as nice as ours.

Did your family get active on Thanksgiving?

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