Monday, November 12, 2012

Climbing Down From a Mountaintop

The Little Mermaid has closed.
After a fantastic run with several sold out performances
Katie, Mandy and all their friends have hung up their gills.

Not the tiara- someone always seems to be wearing a tiara in this house.

There were quite a few tears shed at my house last night.

Can you imagine this morning?  These girls had a serious case of the Mondays.

The prospect of going back to the daily grind did not seem terribly appealing.

And I can totally relate.  Haven't we all felt it?
The very idea of climbing up to the mountaintop only to move
back to the valley seems... well, way too normal.

However, life happens in the valley- not on the mountaintop.  
And the valley is surely full of it's own wonderfulness.

On the mountaintop, you get to chat with King Triton.

In the valley, you grab a morning snack on the way to school with your mom.

On the mountaintop, you're a real live princess.

In the valley, you're still a bit of a princess but the tiara is different.

The mountaintop was amazing- I hope we get to go again.  
But for now, I'm thankful that we live in the valley and it feels just fine.

How do you handle the let-down after a
 Mountaintop sort of experience?

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