Monday, October 1, 2012

Yoga Off the Mat

The best sweat sessions always seem to follow me around even after I'm done.

Saturday morning's yoga class was no exception.

Katie & I hit the mats in the Mercyhurst University Dance Department (where I work when I'm not blogging) on Saturday morning.  We've done yoga there before with Solveig (the fabulous yoga teacher) so we thought we knew what we'd be getting into.

(side note- if your ego ever needs knocked down a notch, go do yoga with a room full of ballerinas)

We were stretching our hamstrings and Solveig asked us to move our legs around in the hip socket- just make circles, no big deal.  Then she said the thing that got me.

"If this isn't working for you, move in another direction.  
I find that when something isn't working and you do it anyway, you're not REALLY doing it after all.  
You're just going through the motions."


Friends, I'm taking this yoga with me off the mat.

When things aren't working, I'm going to move in another direction.

No more going through the motions.

Mandy and Steve love yoga.  Elephants really need to stretch.

I made a little morning stretch video for my MomTV channel.  Yesterday one of my dear friends told me that she's been using the stretches every morning.

So, this is one of the things that's working.  I'll stay the course in this direction.

Here's the morning stretch for you. 
 I hope you like it, but if you don't- move in a direction that feels right.

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