Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yoga Off the Mat (again) and Fit Tip Tuesday

I meant to get this post up this morning, but got busy doing other things.

Other, important things like chatting with Mandy and driving her to school.

I've always loved the mornings with my girls and felt blessed that my work schedule allowed that easy morning routine.  Friends have asked why Mandy doesn't ride the bus to school.  The answer is simple- I like driving her.

Katie switched schools this year and she rides the bus now, so Mandy & I have a little alone time in the morning.  I'm loving time spent with her and more often than not, I'm post-poning other things til later in the day.  Steve even rode along with us this morning.

But, now that I'm home alone there are a few things I'd like to share with you.

Once again, my yoga teacher talked about yoga and I heard a message that I took off the mat.

At our last class, we were on our hands and knees and she asked us to move 
our chest & upper back in a circle forward and then backward.  
We were getting a good stretch when I heard my teacher say something like, 

"We need to open our heart area which 
becomes tight as we carry our worries around with us.  
We need to let go of the tension that gets stuck there."

This week I am determined to take that particular yoga lesson off the mat.  
I'm stretching my heart.  I'm letting go of anything that makes my heart feel tight.

I hope you'll join me.

It's also Fit Tip Tuesday!
Did you think I forgot?  Of course I didn't.

Here's your video.

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