Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIAW & a Fun Week!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday everyone!

We've been having tons of fun with good food all around.

But, before I get to the food I wanted to tell you that Katie & I have launched our new webisode channel "Mom & Me" on

This girl is so creative and smart- I'm sure I'll be her assistant someday.

We plan to talk about body image issues, healthy friendships, healthy habits and all things related to teens & tweens.  We want to start conversations that might open communications between other moms and their kids.

Here's our introduction video- we'll be uploading new webisodes to every Monday.
We'd love feedback from you!

Just in case you were worried that Mandy is being left out, you should know that she is our very talented videographer.  James Cameron needs to be worried about his job because this girl has quite the vision.

The best dinner we had this week was easily the tuna steak with tortellini.

Tuna steak is one of our favorite dinners and it's easier to make than you might think.
Check back to this post and PIN the how-to.

I skipped the tortelini since I don't eat pasta.  No, it's not a diet choice- I just don't care for pasta.
According to Grandma Glo, I never did.

Mandy however, loves tortellini.  And since getting Mandy to eat is a feat of epic proportions, I'm thrilled to make her something that she likes.

She prefers her pasta without red sauce.
She likes a drizzle of olive oil and fresh grated parmesan cheese.

Katie & Mandy have been rehearsing for The Little Mermaid at the Erie Playhouse and evenings are generally spent at the rehearsal hall.

Katie & I felt that we needed a little Tim Horton's assistance after school yesterday.

I may have a carmel mocha latte problem.

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