Monday, October 8, 2012

We're getting UnJunked

I love fall and all the celebrations that come with it.

I feel like once we hit October we're always celebrating something.

Birthdays & holidays always include family, friends and food.

While I love this time of year, eating healthy can be challenging.  I try to provide the family with goodies while making healthy choices whenever possible.

This weekend I tried this recipe from StuftMama for banana muffins.  
They were delicious!  I feel good about the healthy swaps included in this recipe.

So, when the nice people who make UnReal candy sent us a box of their goodies to sample and share we were pretty excited around here!

Ok, I was excited because nobody else was home so I got to sample first!

From the website:
UNREAL started with a question from a kid: 
Why does the junk food we love have to be so bad for us?

The answer is... it doesn't have to be so bad for us.  UnReal candy has no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives & no artificial ingredients.  

If your kid is like my nephew who saves his Halloween candy for an entire year, this is not the candy for you.  This stuff doesn't last- nor should it.  No preservatives, remember?

We packaged up the UnReal candy for the taste-testers we had recruited.

But first, my little taste-testers had some fun!

Katie recommends the peanut butter cups.  She said that the taste was extra peanut-buttery.  
We love peanut butter around here, so this was a big compliment.

Mandy likes it all and would not be pinned down for a favorite, even for this blog post.

Our little friend Caroline was the first to help us with the taste-testing party.  She loved the candies!  Her mom was very pleased with the product because M&Ms are Caroline's favorite reward for using the potty.  Caroline's health-conscious mama likes having a candy option that she feels good about serving.

She even said that she would buy UnReal candy even if it turned out to be pricier than the competitors.

How adorable is Caroline?
From the makers of UnReal:
To “unjunk” means to replace all these ingredients with real cane sugar, real milk, 
more peanuts, and twice the cacao.

Kelly & Lauren also helped us taste test our UnReal candy.

Kelly gave the peanut butter cups a big thumbs up...
...while Lauren gave a thumbs up to the chocolate pieces!

All of our expert taste testers agreed that this candy is yummy and doesn't taste like "health food".  

The moms all agreed that a healthier alternative to the candy our kids love is a great option.

I may or may not have stashed some peanut butter cups in the cupboard for myself.  Don't tell, ok?

I was compensated for writing this post. All opinions and text are my own.

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