Sunday, October 7, 2012

Her Times 5K 2012- This is Why I Run

When asked what my favorite race is, I never hesitate.

The Her Times 5K, a local for women-only race, is held at Presque Isle State Park in early October.

In 2009, I ran the entire 5K for the first time at that same race.  My daughter Katie ran the whole thing last year.  Once again in 2012, the race did not disappoint.

Katie & Mandy were both suited up for the 5K.

Katie did a run/walk with her friend Olivia.  
When I saw them out on the course there was a lot of gabbing going on.

My good friend Jenny (that's Olivia's mom) walked the 5K.  As she was pinning on her number she told me that this was her first race. Ever.  I told her I wouldn't call her a race virgin. (oops)

Last month I wrote a short piece for the Her Times Magazine where I stated my goals for this race.  Apparently, I wrote that I was gunning for a PR.  Why do I put these things out there?

When I got to the starting line I realized that I was committed to the plan.  After all, I had already told people that I was doing it!  ugh... pressure.

Friends, pressure is a good thing.  Put your plan out there.  Say it out loud.
Get yourself a friend like Jenny who remembers to tell you at the starting line that YOU CAN DO IT!

This girl has a new 5K PR...31:45.  

Yes, I realize that 10 minute miles won't get me to the Olympics or anything.  However, they will take me to my 40th birthday this month feeling good.  Feeling strong.

My husband, Ken, was a road marshall this year so I got to see his smiling face just after mile 1.  
Then he met me at the finish line and we cheered other runners in.
Team Berlin
We found Katie & Mandy of course.  Then we saw Jenny on her way to the finish line.  I got to give her a big hug and tell her that I was proud of her.  She said that she was kind of proud of herself. 
That cutie little girl beside Jenny (bib 751) is Kelly.  
She had decided to leave her mom behind.

Don't worry though, we're friends with her mom too! 
Andrea (that's Kelly's mom in the purple) & Tammy followed close behind.

Watching Mandy cross a finish line is always entertaining and this race was no exception.
I apologize.  I did not get a shot of her at the actual line with both arms raised making peace signs at everyone.  It was great.

We also saw our friend Julie.  This was also her first 5K.  
Do you remember your first finish line?  
What a great feeling.  We got to witness quite a few yesterday.

My mom (an experienced 5K walker) spent her morning with a fabulous bunch of walking women.
L-R Jenny, Grandma Glo (my mom), Aunt Judie (Glo's sister) & our friend Cathy.
This was the first finish line for everyone in that picture except Grandma Glo. yay!

Also finishing her first 5K was Cathy's daughter, Caitlin.

In 2009 I went to the starting line alone.  I had only been running for a few months and I wasn't sure I would be able to run the whole distance.  When family asked what I was doing I shrugged it off, pretended that it wasn't important to me.

I didn't ask anyone to go to the race with me.

If I was going to fail, I wasn't having anyone watch.

The only problem with that plan is that if you succeed, you don't have anyone to celebrate with.

Being surrounded by family & friends yesterday I realized that this is the way to run.

This is the way to live.

Taking pictures, giving hugs, cheering on people who care about you... it was just so much better.
Me & my Mom

We stopped at McDonald's and fed those hungry runners.

Dad even showed up for the post-run food.  
(We feed him even though he doesn't race with us.)

I carried the happiness of the morning with me all day.

This is why I run.

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