Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall, Friday and No Giant Veggies

It's Friday.

Don't you just love how that looks?

I have a whole list of things I need to do this morning so that I can spend the weekend enjoying life.

I need to spend some time outside and put the garden away for the winter.
There's a frost warning for tonight- don't get me started.

I'm always a little sad to put away the garden.  I won't get to show you any gigantic vegetables for a while.  I'll have to try and cook something impressive instead. 

For today, spending some time outside is just fine.  This is what I'm seeing outside my back door today.
(that used to be a tiny bush.  Then Ken cut down a dead tree beside it and apparently it got all excited)
I love this scene.  Unfortunately it won't last long.  Those leaves are going to dump soon and I'll be showing you pictures of gigantic snow drifts. (hey, maybe that can take the place of big vegetables?)

I even got motivated to do a little fall decorating.
What's that? You're not impressed?  That's all I've got today.  If you want more, you'll have to go to Grandma Glo's house.  Or Pinterest- they look the same.

After I dropped the girls off at school this morning I had to stop 
and feed my caramel mocha latte addiction.

Then I had to stop at a red light and take a scary picture of myself for you.

I posted this pic to twitter with the hashtag #sorrynotsorry.

My friend Laura over at Sprint to the Table talked about using that hashtag on her blog and it's been cracking me up ever since.  Sometimes it's just perfect.

As an aside, if you enjoy vegetable pictures you should check out Laura's blog.  She does amazing things with smoothies and she might have a spinach addiction.

Today I'm going to have another deep tissue massage with Paula.  I hope she's in a good mood.  
She seems like a nice lady when you first meet her but frankly I find her terrifying.  

She says my shoulders are a mess.  So, this morning when I was lifting weights I went ahead and did my shoulder workout.  Ha! Now her work is cut out for her.

Speaking of working out at home, I did a little video for MomTV yesterday.

Lots of women are telling me that they don't strength train because they don't belong to a gym.  So, I am inviting you to my basement to view the random assortment of equipment that makes up my gym.


If you're only going to purchase one piece of strength training equipment, start with a resistance band. I put them right here in my Amazon store just to make it convenient for you.  They're cheap and versatile.  I'm working on a couple of videos to show you what to do with them.

Also, my sparkly "Run Like a Girl" t-shirt was made by my friend Dierdre.  
She has a new business called "Bling Me to the Moon".  Check her out on facebook.

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