Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Better What I Ate Wednesday

Good news everyone- Tim Horton's has delivered with the carmel mocha latte.  
All is right in my world again.  

However, Katie got a hot chocolate and they forgot her mint chocolate flavor shot so she took a turn at being annoyed.  Oh well, we can't have everything.

This morning Mandy's pets were all happy and healthy too!  
She even had to snap a picture of the geckos napping together just for you.
 You're welcome.

This week I've changed things up just a little bit and had eggs, bacon & tomatoes for breakfast.

But then I was missing my favorite smoothie so I took it on the road with me at lunchtime
and took an unflattering picture of myself with it.

Mandy had an exciting evening- she was in a photoshoot for The Little Mermaid Jr. at the Erie Playhouse.  She is playing the role of "Flounder".

Our dentist said, "you're a flounder?" and she said, "No, I'm THE Flounder."

We had a little adventure finding the studio.

And she got to try on the costume!

I'm so stinking excited for this girl! She's having a blast.

(by the way, Ken took Katie out to Grandma's tonight to try on her costume-
I'll show you pictures as soon as I get them!
She made spaghetti for dinner but I wasn't there so I'm sure there are no pictures of the food)

So, when we got home Mandy was starving and I made her some cheesy tortellini.

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I should warn you though, every time I go to Peas & Crayons I look at Jenn's food pictures 
and get hungry.
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