Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Haunted Weekend

Good news friends!  My Sunday morning Tim Horton's stop was successful (unlike that other time) and I got my carmel mocha latte on the way to church.

I swear, it made the whole day better.

This weekend was lots of fun.

Thanks to our friends at MommyParties & The Hub, we hosted a little viewing party for 

They sent us a great box packed with goodies for our guests.
The new episodes are called "Grampires"and star Christopher Lloyd. 
(moms will remember him from "Back to the Future"- we love those movies)

Katie invited some of her girlfriends from school and we got set up for 
a little pre-Halloween creepiness.

Katie's friend Nikki offered to bring some fake blood.  We accepted and I let her know that this was definitely a first.  None of my party guests has ever brought their own jar of blood before.
The stuff is made from all edible ingredients, but after smelling it we all agreed that it's best if you don't ingest the fake blood.  There was talk of staging a death scene in front of my house, but then it rained.  Oh well, maybe we'll get to kill off a guest next time.

We also invited our friend Olivia.  You might recognize her cute face from last week's Her Times 5K report.  She's becoming a regular here on the blog.
Mandy & Oliva shared the big chair and were ready to offer support if things got too creepy.  
But, no support was needed- these girls are brave.

We watched the first "Grampires" episode and then took a break and had a little blood-eating contest.  Funny though, our vampire blood tasted just like cherry jell-o.

I love girls who aren't afraid to get dirty.  

The party planner said to wear the vampire fangs during the contest.  
Note to the makers of plastic vampire fangs- they don't fit over braces very well.

That's Lexi on the left with her game face on.  She was the winner of the Jell-o eating contest.  
She was a serious competitor!  She used her nose to move the bowl & everything.

Nikki was very pleased with the results of the competition.

After Lexi won, most of the girls finished their jell-o with a spoon, but Mandy decided to continue jamming her face into the bowl. Because that's how she rolls.

We had some donuts & cider and then the girls went back for "Grampires" episode 2.

The only groans I heard all afternoon were when episode 2 ended on a bit of a cliffhanger.  The girls all  enjoyed the shows- they said the story was creepy, but not too creepy.

I'm so glad that we were able to have a bit of Halloween fun with friends.

Our little critics recommend that you watch "Grampires" on The Hub.  Enjoy!

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