Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Fitness Dates & Fit Tip Tuesday

Thats right.  I've been dating.

It's ok though... it's fitness dating.

During the first live webisode of One Fit Mama I recommended finding friends who support your fitness goals.  See, I might blow off a workout, but I don't blow off my friends.

Saturday morning began with a run with my BRF, Kristina.  We have a standing Saturday morning date.  Occasionally one of us has to cancel because of other obligations, but usually that hour is reserved for running.

Then I went home & picked up Katie so that we could meet my friend Noelle at a yoga class.

Today, Noelle & I managed to set aside some yoga time between ballet classes.

I'm not sure if I'll get to have any more fit dates this week, but I'm looking forward to 
the Her Times 5K on Saturday.

Grandma Glo is walking with her sister (yes, my aunt) Judie and Mandy.
Katie is meeting her friend Olivia at the starting line and Olivia's mom 
(my dear friend), Jenny is also walking.

That's just the beginning of the list of walkers & runners that I call my friends.  
I'm looking forward to cheering them on and running the course with them on Saturday.

As a bonus, this year my husband Ken will be volunteering as a road marshall.  
I can't wait to snap his picture in his snazzy vest.  Of course I'll share it here!

Who are you dating in your fitness life?

Today is Fit Tip Tuesday
so of course I made a little video for you.

Please feel free to leave me a comment if you took it outside... 
I'd love to know what you did!

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