Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm Half Crazy & Going Live

That's good to know isn't it?  Only half crazy.

But before we get to that, I want to remind you that tomorrow is the Big Day!

The day I'm going live on  My show, One Fit Mama will stream live online at 10:00 AM on the third Tuesday of every month.  Tomorrow's theme is Motivation!

You'll be able to find the stream here.

You'll be able to sign in with your Twitter or Facebook accounts or as a guest.  
Any way you choose, you'll be able to chime in on the conversation.  I hope you'll join me!

And on to the Half crazy business...

Yesterday I ran my fifth Half Marathon at the Erie Marathon at Presque Isle.

My running weekend actually began on Saturday morning when I did an easy 30 minute run with Kristina, my BRF.  The weather was fantastic.  All I could do was pray that it held out.  My July Half marathon was in a monsoon, so I was really wanting good weather.

The girls & I headed out to packet pickup.  There was an army of friendly volunteers manning the windows of the cookhouse at Presque Isle State Park.

We found the appropriate window...

...and picked up my bag of swag.

Once again, the Erie Marathon gave out some great stuff.  
I love the socks!  I wear last year's socks all the time.
The artwork on the t-shirt is by a local artist and it's beautiful.
I completely geeked out over the bib.  I've never had one with my name printed on it before!

My only confusion came when I pulled this out of the bag.
What the heck is that?  Katie said maybe it was shampoo.  Mandy said it was a super energy gel.  I posted a pic on the Erie Marathon facebook page.  People were quick to tell me that it was attached to a card about shave cream.  My card was in the bag, but they had become unattached.  Good thing I didn't take Mandy's advice and eat it.

Race day morning dawned cool & sunny.  Honestly, you just can't order weather better than yesterday. I snapped this for you on my way into Presque Isle State Park.
This is where I get to run.  It's ok to be jealous.

Shortly after this picture was taken I realized that I had forgotten my SPI belt.  It was on my kitchen counter full of my orange slices and fig newtons.  I must admit that I had a minor panic over that.

But, I knew that I had eaten a good breakfast so I decided to have some gatorade on the course. (I usually avoid it, because it doesn't always agree with me)  I also knew that one station would have gels and I resolved to have one of those.  (these can also be iffy with my stomach.)  

I'm happy to report that I had no stomach problems and I felt good even without my food.

In July I got a PR, but I didn't have any fun.  My goal yesterday was just to enjoy the experience.

I can honestly tell you that I achieved that goal and then some.

Usually I get pretty negative around miles 8 & 9.  At that point I start feeling like I've been running for quite awhile and I'm still not "almost done".  My thoughts get pretty yucky.  Then I generally get a second wind around mile 10 and finish well.

This did not happen yesterday!

I just felt steady and good the whole time.

The medal at the finish line was as beautiful as the t-shirt.

I may be a slow runner, but I call that race a win.

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