Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Announcement & WIAW

Ive been teasing you for at least a week now with my BIG NEWS!
Yes, I feel that it deserves all caps and an exclamation point to boot.

That's how excited I am!

Here you go...

So that's it... I'm pretty thrilled and kind of nervous.  I'll tell you more about this exciting opportunity as it unfolds.  For now, leave me some suggestions on what you'd like to see and I'll get to work.

The "Store" tab at the top of the page is the place to find some "One Fit Mama" gear just for you.

Now, on to the food!

I should really call this post "What I Ate Lately" because I haven't kept track of an entire day.

Oh well.  I'm obsessed with showing you my garden vegetables these days anyway.

Are you sick of that yet?  I'm sorry.  
Don't worry though, the garden will stop producing soon and you'll be spared for the winter.

For today, we're still doing garden vegetables.  Check out my little watermelons.
We ate them at our little Labor Day picnic which seemed fitting.

We also added a new leopard gecko to our family this weekend.  Katie named her little one "M&M".
How cute is that?

Mandy has had a leopard gecko since February. Hers is named "Popcorn".

Hmm... we might be a little food-obsessed around here.

I'm still starting each day with my favorite smoothie.
This thing just never gets old.

I'm also loving these GNC Lean Shakes,
and I'm making an effort to eat an apple a day.  Bob Harper swears by them in his "Skinny Rules" book and I don't think "An Apple a Day keeps the doctor away" became a well-known saying for nothing!  And look how pretty they are... I just know they're good for me.

We grilled some Not-Quite- Clams- Casino.
Littleneck clams on the grill... the topping is made of bacon, garlic, parsley, red pepper flakes and olive oil.  Oh my goodness... I can't explain to you how good these are.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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