Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Are Fit Mamas An Example?

Happy Tuesday, friends.

Yesterday we enjoyed some fantastic weather here!

So, once the homework was complete I took my girls out for a run.

Umm... there's a lot of racing when you're with these two.

We did about 1.5 miles and then took a little break when we passed Grandma Glo's house.
We caught her baking cookies. (bonus!)

We got a bit of water and then Katie & I headed back out to run a little more.

We left Mandy with Grandma because she wanted to "help" with the cookies. Ok.  We'll all pretend that she helped and didn't just sample.

Also, Mandy claims that running makes her neck hurt.  I am not even kidding.  This kid is never still, always in motion, but running hurts her neck.  I don't even try to figure it out.

When our run was finished we came back to get Mandy.  She was going to ride her bike home since she left it at Grandma's about a week ago. 
(that's how she rolls... ride the bike to Grandma's then beg Grandma to drive you home)

But before we left, the girls decided to try a little yoga action on the rocks in front of the house.


So, I try to set a good example for my daughters.  I take them for runs, I give them opportunities to swim & ski.  I even let them know how important health & wellness is to me.

Then yesterday I read this post over at BexLife.  She made a very thought-provoking video with her lovely daughter Winona.  Katie & I ended up watching the video together and it brought up some good conversation points.

Go watch.  I'll wait.


I will be the first to admit that I have my own body-image issues that I deal with.  Strangely enough, this blog has helped me to conquer some of them.

Initially, I would stress over which pictures made it on to the page. 
 I would have like to show you pictures like this one all the time.

Make-up done, hair spiky, smiling just right with not too much crinkle around my eyes.
But, guess what?
That's not what I look like most of the time!

Eventually, I got brave and started showing you pictures like this one.
No make-up, hat smashed down on the hair and plenty of crinkles... 
saggy eyes are just a little bonus feature for you.

The truth is, that much of my time is spent somewhere in between those two pictures.  I generally put some make-up on my face and I love sporting hats around.  

Sure, I could spend more time presenting those "exactly right" pictures to you. But, I'm over it.

I've decided that here on this blog I will give you the real deal.

I've been making videos for MomTV.  
I've resisted the urge to go back & edit when my mummy-tummy is sticking out 
further than I would like.

Because I'm over it.

I eat well, I exercise regularly and this is who I am.  Each day I will work to make healthy choices and I'll celebrate the outcomes.

I make this decision for one very important reason.
Because I want my daughters to grow up and love themselves.
I want them to be able to see their own beauty.
If they have baggage, let it be their own. 
They don't have to carry mine.

So I must set an example.

Katie & I made a video response for Bex & Winona.  Katie was very honest with her feelings about Moms being an example.  Give her a little love in the comments, ok?

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