Monday, September 3, 2012

A Real Runner

Happy Monday everyone!

I know I'm going against the grain here, but I sort of like Mondays.
I like the opportunity for a new beginning every week.  I usually have a list of things that must get done along with a list of things I hope to get done.  Some of those happen some of the time.

On Friday Katie attended her first and last Cross Country practice.  We got all excited about the team and then she did not enjoy practice at all.  Later we found out that several of her friends are not going back either.
Katie likes running.  She doesn't like being yelled at while she runs. (yeah, me neither)  She also isn't in it for the competition.  She didn't like older boys telling her to "beat that girl" or "Go, Go, Go!".

After hearing her whole story and her reasons for not wanting to go back, we totally support her decision.  My wish for my children is for them to grow up with a love for moving their bodies and getting sweaty.  I hope they continue to live an active lifestyle for many years to come.  That doesn't necessarily mean being competitive on a school team.

But, this decision didn't come easy to her.  She told me that she thought that a "real runner" would be able to handle being on the team.

I asked her what a "real runner" was.  Am I a real runner?

The only time I ever got an age group award I got third place.  
There were only three people in my age group.

I didn't run at all until I was 35 years old.

But, I truly love to run.  I feel alive when I run.  After I run, I love walking around on my tired legs.

Am I a runner?

 I like to think so.  And my wish for Katie & Mandy is that they grow to love moving their bodies.
To me, they are already real runners.

Today we're registering to run the Her Times 5K again.  
I was honored to write a little piece about it in the Her Times magazine that was published yesterday.  You can read it here.  I'll sum it up for you though... I love that race and we're all going to have a blast!

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So tell me, what makes a real runner?

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