Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIAW- Food & Clothes!

It's Wednesday! The day that this blog (and others) becomes all about food!

First, big thanks to Jenn over at Peas & Crayons for organizing this weekly party.
When you're done here, click on the button and see what everyone else is eating.

Of course, I started the day with my favorite smoothie and iced coffee.

Lunch was an apple with peanut butter and a GNC Lean Shake.

While I picked at lunch, I shredded these beautiful zucchini.

And I made zucchini muffins.  You'll actually find the recipe over at Peas & Crayons.
They are delicious!

After I filled two muffin pans and put them in the oven, there was a little bit of batter leftover.
So, I put it in a mug and microwaved it for three minutes.
It made a yummy mama-sized muffin that I ate for my afternoon snack.

Dinner was tuna steaks! Tuna is yet another seafood dish that many people seem afraid of.
It's really very easy.  I rub both sides with olive oil and add seasonings.  
Ken likes Old Bay, Katie & I prefer Garlic Salt.

(these were big, so Katie & I shared one)
The trick is to make sure that your grill pan is good and hot! 
When you toss the steaks on, you should hear that... sssssss... sound.

Sear both sides and eat.  It's fine if it's pink in the middle- it's actually better that way.
Don't overcook! Your tuna will be rubbery.

Somewhere in the midst of all that food, a lovely package came in the mail.
My first pieces of One Fit MamaGear have arrived!

I got a racer-back tank top and a t-shirt.

I also got a hat.

Click on the Store tab above to see the other styles and get your own One Fit Mama Gear.
Please let me know if there are particular styles you're interested in, 
I'm adding things to the store all the time.

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