Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rainy Runs, Pink Stuff & a Quickie

No, not that kind of quickie.  Get your mind out of the gutter.
A quickie workout... we'll get to it.

First, this morning I went for my first run since last Sunday's half marathon.
It was raining a bit, but Katie & I enjoyed ourselves anyway.

I'm always amazed at the things she'll tell me while we run.  It was a great way to start a morning.

For the record though, at first she wanted to stay in the recliner with a blanket and her gecko.  
I threatened to post a picture of that here instead.  Whatever it takes, people.

I recently became a SweatPink Ambassador. 
(Click on the button over on the right for more information)
My SweatPink gear arrived yesterday!  I was so excited.

I put a pair of those fancy pink laces in my Asics this morning.  
Rumor has it they make you run faster.

Now, about that quickie.

When Katie & I returned from our run this morning I wanted to do just a little strength training.

Here is the quickie workout I did today.
This is just the sort of workout you'll be seeing on "One Fit Mama" over at MomTV.

I used my Gymboss Interval Timer to time the 40/20 intervals.  I love it because I can clip it on my pants and I don't have to watch the clock.  Watching the clock makes time go slower, didn't you know?

This is a 7-minute workout that uses no equipment at all. 
(You can use a real jump rope if you want. I prefer not to fall on my face first thing in the morning) 

I did the whole thing twice.

Do it now and Pin It for later!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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