Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIAW- Loving my Garden!

Good morning!

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It's Wednesday so it's time to talk food!

The August them for What I Ate Wednesday is Summer Staples.
I have finally reached a point in my summer where my garden is overflowing with goodies for me!

This morning I made Ken some green eggs- sorry, no ham.  He enjoyed a jalapeno, green onions and a green bell pepper in those eggs.  Every veggie came straight from the garden.  Veggies don't come any more fresh than that!

Word to the wise- If you decide to get up early and chop a jalapeno while you're still half asleep, keep your hands away from your eyes.  I'm just sayin'.
Then I packed him yet another pretty salad for his lunch.  This one included mixed greens, cucumber, green bell pepper, tomato & a handful of mixed nuts.

Last night we grilled some surf & turf for dinner.  Filet mignon with shrimp. Yum.

The girls & I like our filet mignon seasoned with just a little garlic salt.  Ken is enjoying this Applewood Rub on all his steaks this summer.
(FYI- it's not as high in sodium as many store-bought rubs are)

Of course, we had a big salad.  
It was pretty picked over when I remembered to take a picture of it for you.

That's all for now.
What are you eating this Wednesday?

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