Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Playlist- Pennsylvania Style

When I saw that this week's Thursday Playlist theme was Local Flavor I got all excited.  
You might not think of my home state of Pennsylvania as a hot bed of musical creativity, but a quick google search would prove you wrong.  

Narrowing the selection down to just three playlist-worthy selections wasn't easy, but I did it. Just for you.  Oh, and for my friend Pavement Runner, the mastermind behind the Thursday Playlist.  I totally blew him off last week and promised I'd give him some tunes.  When you're finished here, head on over to his blog for more tunes!

Something Old
 Song: Send Me On My Way 
Artist:   Rusted Root 
Side Note: Rusted Root hails from Pittsburgh PA where I will be running the Color Me Rad 5K next weekend.  I wonder if they'll come run with me?
Quotable: "I May Tell You to Run"
(see? It's a running song!)

Something New
Song: Drive By 
Artist: Train
Side Note:  Lead singer Pat Monahan is from Erie, PA and so am I.  No, I don't know him.
Quotable: When you move me everything is groovy.

Something to Consider
Song: Mean
Artist: Taylor Swift
Side Note: Katie & Mandy are so thrilled that I can use Taylor in my Thursday Playlist.  
Although she doesn't live here anymore, Taylor is originally a Pennsylvania girl.  
Just one more reason to love her.
Quotable: Well, you can take me down with one single blow
But you don't know what you don't know

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