Saturday, August 11, 2012

Running with the Animals, Parmesan & Bacon

No, I'm not talking about my kids! The Zoo Animals... yeesh!

So, it's only 11:00 AM and we've already had lots of fun over here.

I got up bright and early to run with Kristina, my BRF.  I checked which assured me that there would be no rain before noon.  So imagine my surprise when I was halfway to Kristina's house and getting sprayed in the face.  Hmmm.

Of course we ran anyway.

I need to say that I love living only a mile from Kristina & Dale (who is my brother, by the way).  They totally don't mind when I show up at their door all sweaty and ask to use the bathroom.  They have even fed me Gatorade on long runs when apparently I showed up looking horrible and they got worried about me.  Kissing little nieces also gives me an excuse to take a little break during a long run.  

I came back home to pick up Mandy.
She had decided last night that we needed to go to the Erie Zoo's Family Fun Run.

The Zoo is Mandy's favorite place in the whole world.  She says that she's going to be a zookeeper when she grows up and then I will be allowed to visit the zoo for free whenever I want.  She will also let me pet the animals- but not the lions & tigers because if they ate me she would be mad at them. (her words, not mine)

Katie said she was tired & did not want to run.  But, as soon as Mandy & I got ready to roll, Katie came downstairs in her Skirt Sports skirt to say she had changed her mind.

Mama needed some fuel in the form of a smoothie and an iced coffee.

We showed up at the zoo and the girls got their numbers.

They did a little stretching by the tree and Mandy sprinted around some.
Ken's hat was in the back seat of the car so she decided to wear it.
Katie tried to look intimidating to her competitors.

I overheard some dads trying to explain the concept of pacing to some disinterested 7-year-old boys.  The words, "this is not a sprint" seemed to fall on deaf ears.

The lady yelled "go!" and all the kids took off.  One runner mom looked at me and commented, 
"Wow.  That's kind of a brisk pace to start with." Ha! 

I was running beside Mandy.  Katie was ahead of us when suddenly she stopped.

We caught up with her and realized that she had dropped her iPod and was trying to get it hooked to her skirt again.  I asked her if she wanted us to wait.  She looked at me like I was nuts and yelled,
"No! Run!"

(Later she told me that if she wasn't going to win she wanted Mandy to beat a lot of people for her.)

Katie did catch up with us very shortly after that and we all decided to stay together to the end.

I don't know if you can tell in this pic, but Mandy has great form.  I'm so jealous.

Readers from my hometown- this is Katie coming up on the giraffes!  
They're her favorite zoo animals so she turned on a little speed for them.

The race ended and everyone got medals.
Then they lined up for water & swag bags.

This race was FREE and the course was 1/2 a mile. 
(It was advertised at 1 mile, but Katie & I used Nike+ to clock it.)

That being said, I've never seen two people collect so much swag for so little running!
After I took this picture they also got Zoo t-shirts, pedometers & another water bottle.
I'm putting these two to work when we get to the Color Me Rad expo!

It was such a fun morning.  I need to do 2 more miles today to get to the goal I set for myself.  I don't normally split my runs up like that, but I suppose it's just that kind of day.  Ken is going to run with me.  He hates running.  This should be fun.

Last night I got the bright idea to combine two of my favorite foods- parmesan and bacon.

Friends, this was so delicious and so easy.

1. I microwaved 3 pieces of bacon and then chopped them up.
While that was working I shredded some fresh parmesan. (pic on the left)

2. Make little piles of parm & bacon on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Put in the oven until the cheese melts. (pic on the right)
350 degrees would be fine.  
I was baking something else, so I just put the baking sheet in along with the other dish and watched it.

3. Take them off the tray and let the little crisps cool.  The will crisp up while they are cooling.

4. Break up the cooled crisps and spread them on top of freshly sliced tomatoes. (pic on the bottom center)

I drizzled mine with balsamic vinegar and added some fresh basil from my garden.

It was so pretty I hated to eat it.  But I got over it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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