Sunday, August 12, 2012

Powerful Food & Hula-Hooping

Summer means salad to me.  Stay tuned, we'll get to the Hula-Hooping.

I start my salad making by wandering around and looking at the produce at roadside stands or grocery stores and buying anything that looks good.

Later I'll stand at my refrigerator and stare at the food until I discover a combination that sounds good to me.  I buy my mixed greens in bulk these days.

I thought I'd take a minute and tell you about my latest favorite salad combo.

When you're done here, head over to Powercakes and click on some other Power Meals.  
Honestly, her food looked so good I almost forgot to come back here and write this.

This is the salad that Ken & I have been enjoying for lunch lately.

Start with the mixed greens.  I like a Spring Mix which includes some spinach.  
If you prefer Romaine, that's probably great too.

Add some sliced strawberries and some blueberries.

Then I toss one of these PLANTERS NUT-rition packets on top.

Sometimes I add some fresh grated parmesan cheese.  (Everything gets better with parmesan)

Use your favorite dressing or just drizzle some balsamic vinegar over it.

I usually have some tuna on the side.  This meal is easy and delicious... my favorite combination.

Yesterday at the Zoo Fun Run I made a little video for you.

Mandy was showing off her wicked hula-hooping skills... enjoy!

Can you Hula-Hoop?
I can never get it going.  Maybe Mandy will teach me her moves.

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