Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Totally RAD end of summer- Part 2

Best. 5K. Ever.

This is my new favorite picture of myself and Katie.

I could stop there, but this would be a really short post.

Also, I'd be leaving out a lot of fun stuff and I'm in a sharing sort of mood.
Plus, Ken took loads of great pictures that i just have to show you.  So, here we go.

When the fun people who organize Color Me Rad invited Katie & I to run in Pittsburgh, I did not hesitate.  This 5K was like nothing I had ever done and I was so ready to go!

We arrived at the Washington County Fairgrounds and joined the sea of clean runners, 
decked out in white.

Katie was sporting her cool bandanna and Color Me Rad shades.
Do you like the RAD tattoo on her bicep?
I put mine on my calf.

Katie & I had registered to run in the first wave.  Once we arrived, no one really seemed to care what wave they were in.  We all jumped into the starting area and volunteers just sent off groups of people every few minutes.
These guys were great. I wish I knew their names so I could give them credit- they got everyone psyched to run, throwing color bombs, t-shirts and hats.  Katie managed to catch a trucker hat from them- she was pretty excited.
The color bombing started before the race started!

I love the tutus in this picture! 

Somehow, Katie & I ended up at the front of our wave.  
We were a little worried that we were about to get trampled.

But when we finally started running, we realized that we were not racing.  This was truly a fun run!
There was one guy near us in a shirt that said "Pimp Daddy" on the back in glitter.  
He periodically did cartwheels for us.  I wish I had a picture to show you.

We ran through several color stations on the course.  I didn't take my camera out there with me- I was afraid it would get ruined.  But, I think you'll get the idea if I show you the finish line.
See that cloud? That's what color bomb stations are like.
This guy was one of the first to finish.  Ken & Mandy report that the announcer guys said, "Did you time that? Because if you did, we're kicking you out! We don't do that here!" 
Ken said that shortly after this guy finished, another guy lost his omelette after crossing the finish.
I couldn't believe he didn't take a picture of the puker for us.

And I know what you're waiting to see! Here you go.

This is what we looked like before the race.

And this is what we looked like after...

I thought that the Color Me Rad crew did an amazing job organizing a lot of runners and a whole team of volunteers.  There was plenty of water on the course and at the finish line.  The swag was fantastic! If you missed it, I showed it to you in this post.

I heard later that parking was a problem for some who did not make their start time.  This was not a problem for me since I arrived early and was being chauffeured by Mr. Berlin who has no patience for sitting in traffic and will squeeze into a parking place at all costs.

Color Me Rad sent out an e-mail today to participants who did not get to race offering refunds or deferred registrations for next year's race.  They also promised to work on that issue for next year.

I must say, I think these organizers are a class act.  We will be back to get tie-dyed next year and we think Ken & Mandy will need to run too!

That's all for now.  I've got more pictures but I think I'll save them for later since this post is getting pretty long.

Don't forget- you still have time to enter the Endorphin Warrior giveaway.  Winner tomorrow!

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