Friday, August 10, 2012

Gutzy Winners & I'm BURST-ing with information

I love announcing winners!  

Congratulations to 
Jaime Maquet-Godfrey
who will be sending Taylor to 3rd grade with new Gutzy Gear sleeves & patches!

But, good news for
Meshelle Mares Bruce, Stacy Melendez & Amber Rady-George...
your kiddos are getting Gutzy Gear straps! (They come with one patch!)

E-mail me ( your mailing address so that I can get those right out to you.

Yesterday we went on a little road trip to visit a new zoo.  I think we have now officially visited every major zoo within a 2.5 hour drive from our house as well as a few little ones.

We took lots of fun stuff to entertain the kids on the ride.  I had to entertain myself by trying to take pictures of myself & Ken while driving.  This was the only one in which I got his face in the picture.  Doesn't he look happy with me?
After this Ken said I had to knock it off because I was distracting him while he was driving.

So, I synced the picture with my Burst account instead.

The nice people at Burst gave me an account as well as lifetime storage of my pictures (a $60 value) as part of a promotion with MomSelect.  All they wanted in return was for me to tell you about Burst.  I'm happy to do this because I'm really enjoying sharing my photos with Burst.  The opinions here are my own- I was not required to write a positive review.

(Some of you already know this and are wishing I'd stop Bursting pictures at you.)

Here's how it works- you download the Burst app to your phone. It's free and available for both iPhone and Android.  Then when you irritate take pictures of your people while you're out and about, the app sends your pictures and videos to the Burst Cloud.  

From there you can Burst away!  Share your pictures and videos however you like.

I made you a little video to tell you about it.

I sent Ken a Burst from a different zoo the other day.  He was able to click on the link and it took him to this picture of Katie, Mandy and their cousin Abbey.

Burst allowed me to decide whether or not he could share it again.

Here's the part I'm BURST-ing to tell you about. Ha!

Those nice people at Burst are allowing me to offer one of you the same deal they gave me.

A FREE Burst account with lifetime unlimited storage. 
A $60 Value!

Right now, setting up a Burst account is free.  Eventually they are going to implement fees for storage plans.  I would encourage you to check it out now and see what you think. 
Feel free to send me a Burst- I don't mind.

Here's how to enter:
 Leave a comment here saying that you did at least one of those.

2. Share a link to this giveaway on facebook OR Tweet about it. 
Leave a comment saying that you did.

And here are 2 more fun ways to enter:
3. Leave a comment here telling me about your favorite Zoo.  Who knows? maybe we'll come see it!
4. Post a picture on the KRW facebook page that says "summer fun" to you.  I can't wait to see them!

Four possible entries total.  I'll announce a winner on Tuesday August 14th.

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