Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Totally RAD end of Summer

Wow.  We have been really living it up these last days of summer.

The First Day of School may be just around the corner, but we are loving every last moment until then.

Katie & I kicked off Thursday morning with our last training run before the Color Me Rad 5K in Pittsburgh.  It was hot, but we were motivated and feeling pretty good.  
Katie only whined once.  That might be a new record.

Once we got showered, we picked up Mandy and headed to the mall to buy 
the last of our school supplies.  

While we were at the mall, Mandy decided that she was ready to get her ears pierced.  This was huge news! Katie & I have been trying to talk her into earring for quite awhile.  

So when we heard she was ready, we did not hesitate.  
We shoved that girl right into the chair before she had a chance to change her mind.

A cake pop from Starbucks worked wonders to make her forget the ouch.

Katie & I were needing some hydration for shopping.

Friday we headed for Pittsburgh, where Katie & I were all set to run the Color Me Rad 5K.

We made a stop at Primanti Bros. for lunch.

Yep, we ordered the famous sandwich.  It's so bad for me, but I loved it.

We made a stop at IKEA and came home with a little table.  
Friends, it's a good thing there's no IKEA near my house.  I really love that place.

We went to packet pickup and scored some RAD swag!

Katie needed to have this neon yellow sweatshirt. (totally RAD)

Mandy got a t-shirt and a trucker hat. (this girl was born to be RAD)

We ate dinner at the Union Grille.  What a pleasant surprise that place was!
You'll be glad to know that I ate a little smarter at supper time.
This dish combined two of my favorite things- seafood and parmesan.

So, that was the build-up to our totally RAD race!  
I think I'll tell you about race day in a different post since this one is getting a little lengthy,

Here are a few pictures just to tease you.

(Winner on Tuesday)


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