Thursday, August 23, 2012

6 Tips for Dealing with Back to School Jitters

We love summer around here.

Grilling and swimming are really some of our all-time favorite activities and the truth is, we hate to see it end.  I love walking out to my little garden in the morning just to see what is waiting for me.

I realize that before too long the plants will be gone, 
the pool will be put away and the yard will be covered with snow.
Um, yeah.

But, I'm not ready! (sorry- I just got a bit whiney there didn't I?)

The truth is that transitions can be really scary for kids.  Many of my mom friends report sleep problems and behavior problems at this time of year.

I must tell you that I HATE the big build-up to school.  The flyers in the newspaper and the commercials on TV insisting that the kids need an entire new wardrobe just add to the stress level.

Tips for a No-Stress Back to School Week

1.  Acknowledge their feelings.  
There is huge power in looking your child in the eye and saying "I hear you.  I know it's scary."

2. Let the fun bleed over into the fall.
We leave our pool up as long as possible.  We want to send the message that while summer has ended, we are nowhere near finished enjoying life.

3. Get the family moving.
The first week of school may be hectic, but it's the perfect time for a family hike after school.  
Take the kids to the pool at your health club if you like, but get them moving!
They've been sitting in school all day taking in new information.  
Let their brains rest, move their bodies.

4. Schedule Family Mealtime
This one is always important, but make a special effort to eat dinner as a family during the first week of school.  I don't care if you order a pizza, just sit down together while you eat it.  I'm always amazed at the conversations that occur around the dinner table.

5. Don't make promises or tell lies.
Resist the urge to say, "Everything will be great!"  
You don't actually know that.  Maybe your kids is about to have some troubles.

Also don't say, "It will be fun!"
Seriously mama?  Kindergarteners will buy this... maybe first graders.  After that they know the truth.  School=Work.

6. Remind kids that they have support.
Instead of the above false promises say, "I don't know what this year will be like.  But whatever happens, I'm anxious to hear all about it and help you in any way that you need."

I wish you all the best!

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I love this!

What's your best Back to School tip?

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