Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIAW- Swimming & Jalapenos

Is it Wednesday already?  Honestly, I don't know where the last week went.

I did get some pictures for you though!

July's WIAW theme has been fun, food & fitness.

When it comes to Fitness my people are all smelling like chlorine!  Katie & Mandy have been on a swim team all summer and practices are wrapping up this week.  This mama will be sad to see the end of swim team because then I'll be on my own trying to wear these two out every day.

(Katie says she tries to look intimidating on the starting block)

Brian was not into getting his picture taken at last night's swim meet.  
He should probably try to hide behind a bigger kid next time.

Mandy & Steve have been trying out some yoga lately.
You might remember Mandy's elephant Steve.  
He was once a girl and is now a boy. His name has always been Steve.

I've been changing up my fitness routine a bit this week.  Half Marathon training is over (for now) and I quit Live Fit so I thought I'd try something new.  I thought about ordering P90X or Insanity.  But the truth is that I have a whole basket full of workout videos.  I think I can cause some muscle confusion all on my own.  So I've been picking a different video each day, dusting it off and getting sweaty.  

Jillian Michaels & Ana Caban have been beating me up on a fairly regular basis.  
I'm enjoying the change of pace and I'm feeling sore in new places. I'm also running just enough to make me happy.  How much is that?  It depends on the day.  Yesterday I did 3 miles... tomorrow, who knows?  No training schedule for me right now, just a daily dose of movement.

Let's see some Food!

This morning I made my smoothie.  
It includes a banana, berries, protein powder, peanut butter or PB2, almond milk & soy milk.
The specific ingredients vary from day to day depending what I have on hand.
Katie & I also needed some iced coffee.
We're still working our way through all these sweeteners.

I'm skipping lunch here because it was uneventful and I forgot to take pictures.  
We cleaned some leftovers out of the fridge.

Dinner was a pretty classic picnic.
Ken was grilling some burgers & corn on the cob.

I pulled these little guys out of the garden.

One went on my salad.

The other one went on Ken's burger.

He covered the jalapeno with some Pepper Jack cheese...
...and put the whole thing on a garlic toasted bun with some mustard.
Then he declared it the Best. Burger. Ever.

Mandy was not feeling great during dinner so she didn't eat.

Of course, later she was starving and begged mama for some food.

I made her a pumpkin microwave muffin.

I even got to use my favorite spoon.  I used it to measure my sweetener into my iced coffee too.  
Twice in one day! Yaay!

How about one more picture of the Jalapeno Jack Burger...

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What are you eating today?

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