Monday, July 23, 2012

When we have no plans

Good Monday to you all!

Our family is getting back into a routine after our Nothing Weekend.

As I suspected, our weekend with no plan turned out really fun!

We started Saturday with the promised Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

Then Daddy planned a trip to Pymatuning Deer Park.

It was fantastic!

The park is built right into the natural landscape and most of the animals can be touched and/or fed.  In the petting zoo area, there are animals roaming freely about and interacting with the people.

The monkeys preferred Froot Loops.  
If you tried to hand them the standard feed they would just ignore you.

Halfway through the petting zoo it became clear to me that I was going to have to conquer my inner Sissy Girl.  There was a place called The Budgie Barn.  

Did I ever tell you that birds terrify me?

I think they're beautiful... from a distance.  I like to sit on my deck & watch them at my bird feeder.

Ken loves birds.  He had a bird named Sammy when he was a kid that he has fond memories of.  I know that he'd like a bird in the house, but I don't know if I can handle it.  I may have taken a step in the right direction on Saturday.
In order to enter the barn, you have to carry a feed stick.  It's a popscicle stick covered with bird seed.  When you enter, the birds swarm the new stick.  At one point, I had about 10 birds on my arm and one on my head.  I nearly had a panic attack.

Eventually I calmed down enough to get that picture taken.  I also took a picture of this little guy.

I don't think Mandy has ever met an animal that scared her.

We moved on to safer animals at the pony ride station.

Then I tried to leave these two where they belonged but they managed to get out.

That's all for now... stop by tomorrow when I'll announce a colorful giveaway!
(I'm so excited about this one!)

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