Monday, July 30, 2012

What's a TABATA & Nuun hydration

Ever since last week's Tuesday Trainer theme was TABATA, I've been a little obsessed with the idea.  No, I've not limited my workouts to 4 minutes (although that is appealing, don't you think?) I've been working a TABATA into most of my runs.

It started last week when I was out for a run while Katie & Mandy were at their swim team practice.  I came upon this little bench and decided it looked like a good place to TABATA.

Here's what I did:

And then I carried on with my run as usual.  I successfully ignored the looks I was getting from the lady who was watering her flowers across the street from that bench.

A little farther along in my run I found these stairs at a playground.

I felt like I needed to run them a few times just for a little more interval work.

This was a great workout/run and I'm going to try to incorporate more TABATA into my training.   
I'll try to find places that won't horrify my neighbors too much.

This summer I've done quite a few longer-than-usual runs as well as interval work. Our summer has been very warm & humid.  I've been noticing a lingering headache after some of these workouts.

Although I'm pretty conscientious about my water intake, I realized that replacing electrolytes was becoming increasingly important.  I've always been leery of electrolyte beverages.  Their high calorie & sugar counts have always seemed like they would negate the calorie burn of my workout.  I also tend to have some stomach issues when I use certain beverages for hydration.  I generally stick with water & eat orange slices when I need fuel.  My body just seems to like real food better than chemicals.

But, when the nice people at Nuun hydration sent us these samples to try out I decided to give it another chance.
We got tri-berry & orange flavored nuun.  Katie & Mandy were excited because we also got stickers & tattoos.  I had to hurry up & take this picture before those things disappeared.

Last week I went for that run + TABATA and Katie had swim practice.  We picked that opportunity to try out the nuun.  I tried tri-berry.
Katie tried orange.
Right away I like the convenience factor of these little wafers.  You put one in your water bottle.  It's supposed to be one wafer per 16 oz. but I think we put them in a 20 oz bottle. 

I really liked the tri-berry.  Katie was not crazy about the orange, but Mandy liked it when she got done swimming.  Katie ended up trying my tri-berry and liking it a little better.

I sipped on my nuun enhanced water and did not get a post-workout headache that day.

Nutritional information that I like:
Less that 1g of carbs- adds fewer than 8 calories to your water.
No sugar- no high fructose corn syrup.

Best of all, Nuun has the distinction of being the only electrolyte replacement beverage that did not make my stomach upset.  It's definitely a keeper in my nutrition plan.

Next, I'm going to have to order the new Nuun All-Day so that I can try out these recipes

So tell me,
Do you TABATA?
Would you do it out in public?

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