Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quad Bike Day

This morning found us at the second event of the
2012 Highmark Quad Games- the Bike race!

Ken was riding in this 12 mile race. Katie, Mandy & I made the trek to Edinboro University so that we could be his cheering section.

Once we got to the staging area, we found some of Dad's friends from work who were also competing.
Several friends commented that Ken must have been feeling confident to wear that yellow jersey.  In fact, yellow & black are the colors of the school where he is the principal.  He proudly shows his spirit!

Our friend Karen was ready to ride, 
but first she showed us her Warrior Pose.
Stretching complete, she headed out!

Ken got his number & chip attached and was ready to go shortly after Karen...

Several friends told us that the finish line wasn't far, so we had the bright idea that we would go for a run & meet Daddy at the finish.

We started strong.

But by the time we got to the end of the road our enthusiasm was fading.

When the nice volunteer at the turn told us that we had about another mile to go just to get to the finish line, 
we decided to turn around & wait near the car instead.
After all, when you run away from your car you eventually have to run back.

On the return trip we passed this guy who looked like 
he was having a great time.
Of course, he was in a fairly horizontal position 
so he got to combine riding & relaxing!

We got the chairs out of the car & rested from our little run.
Ken's yellow shirt made him easy to spot from a distance!

We celebrated with a little breakfast.  I didn't take pictures- my people do not enjoy me getting the camera out in restaurants.

Tomorrow I'm running the Presque Isle Half Marathon, so tonight I'm resting up.
Maybe tomorrow I'll take pictures of breakfast anyway!

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