Sunday, July 29, 2012

PowerMeal Sunday- more jalapenos!

Hi friends! 

Last Sunday I totally slacked off and did not do a Power-Meal-a-Week Sunday post.  I did not post because I knew that Kasey over at PowerCakes would have been disappointed to find out that I ordered a pizza.  I'm not ashamed- this mama was tired.

Today I got my act together and took pictures of our delicious dinner.

Today I was excited to find these guys in my garden.  Holy jalapenos!

One of them got sliced & diced and landed on my salad.

I don't think you can see it under all the parmesan (I love parmesan) but this cucumber also came out of my garden and landed in the salad.

My other side dish was ricotta stuffed tomatoes.
Here's what you put in the stuffing:
Low fat ricotta cheese
Parmesan cheese
parsley (I have that in my garden too!)
salt & pepper
1 egg yolk

I bake it all in my toaster oven for about 20 minutes. (longer if your tomatoes are large)

I made some burgers with ground sirloin, broiled them and called it a meal.

There... I sure hope I've redeemed myself. 

What are you eating tonight?

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