Thursday, July 12, 2012

Playlist Thursday & a Thank You

Guess what? It's nearly Friday.  We can start weekend-ing soon.

Actually, I think I'm starting today. Please feel free to join me.

On Wednesday I posted this over on facebook.

Most of those "likes" happened within the first hour.  Honestly, you guys crack me up sometimes!  Sometimes I post something and think about deleting- maybe you won't think it's as amusing as I do.  And then you kindly let me know that I can just keep on rambling. Thank you.

I'm flattered that you guys will cheer me on 
as I kick the butt of some unsuspecting kid at the pool.

I'm back this week with another edition of Thursday Playlist.  When you're done here, hop on over to Pavement Runner's blog and see what everyone else came up with.  Who knows? Maybe you'll find some new tunes for your running playlist.

This week's theme was Cover Songs.
Something Old
Song: The First Cut is the Deepest
Artist: Sheryl Crow (this version anyway)
Side Note: Yes, it's a slow song but I like to put it in the middle of my running playlist.  I'll definitely listen to this one during my half marathon run this weekend.  It works great right in the middle miles when I've hit my groove.
Quotable: I still want you by my side. 
Just to help me dry the tears that I've cried. 
(hoping not to cry during the 13.1...)

Something New
Song: Brighter Than the Sun
Artist: Smash Cast
Side Note: While I never liked Glee, I liked Smash from episode one!  I love Katharine McPhee's voice and I really think she nails this cover. (although I like the original too!)
Quotable: We go togehter like peanuts and paydays and Marley and reggae

Something to Consider
Song: Forget You
Artist: Gwyneth Paltrow & the Glee cast
Side Note: Please forgive me for including a song from Glee.  I really can't stand the show.  
However, Gwyneth has some serious pipes and I love her version of CeLo's hit song.
Quotable: "I guess she's an X-Box and I'm more an Atari." ha!

What's your favorite cover song?
Are you running this weekend?

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