Monday, July 16, 2012

PI Half Marathon Report

I find myself in a bit of a dilemma here.

What do you say when you manage to get a new Half Marathon PR but it was at the most miserable race you've ever run?

My alarm went off at 5:30 AM.  The first thing I heard was thunder followed by rain pelting my windows.

I told myself that I would just get dressed and get some breakfast.  Then I'd see what the weather looked like.

Um... the weather looked worse.  Lightning, thunder & hard rain.

I told myself that I'd just drive to the starting line.  If the rain hadn't let up by then I'd go home.

By the time I got to Presque Isle, the skies were clearing.
I even cheered up enough to take a picture of my saggy eyes for you.

I walked to the starting line and couldn't help but notice the humidity.  
It was like walking through a rainforest out there!

At the Mile One marker I was pretty excited because I was still with a lot of people.
(I eventually get left behind in half marathons because I am slow)

At Mile Two I was getting sick of being packed in with a group of people and slowed down just a bit.  
(I eventually got to pass all of those people)

Miles 3, 4 & 5 felt strong.  I had to dash in and take a quick bathroom break at Mile 5.
The nice thing about running a hometown race- I know where all the restrooms are.

Somewhere in Mile 6, I saw a Dad with his little girl who looked around 2 years old.  They were happily cheering for her Mommy who was running near me.  The little one was really excited to see her mom.  She was not so excited when Mommy didn't stop to hang out with her.

After that, I couldn't remember if I had passed the Mile 7 marker or not.  I don't really know how I flaked out, but I had no idea where I was for awhile.  I eventually came upon the Mile 8 marker.  I was so happy to see it.

Miles 8 & 9 are always tough on me in a half.  By then I'm sort of sick of running and start getting really negative with myself.  Thoughts like, "why aren't I faster?" and "Why am I doing this anyway?" start creeping in.

Eventually I got to Mile 10.  This is normally happy land for me.  That last 5K gets me excited and I get all rejuvenated!  Not today.

Today at Mile 10, the rain returned.  Not a refreshing little sprinkle, friends.  No, no.  It was a downpour and I could hear the thunder booming out over the lake.  I was soaked to the bone within minutes.

I stopped on the side of the road to take off my BodyMedia band because it's not waterproof.  I jammed it into the plastic baggie that had previously held my orange slices and then kept going.

At Mile 11 I had officially had it with this run.  I just started pressing forward as fast as I could handle.  All I could think was, "I want to be done."

Thankfully, my family was waiting at the finish line with dry clothes for me.  I love those people!

Katie & Mandy even made a sign.

They planned on waving it at the finish line, but they decided to wait in Dad's jeep instead since the rain was still pelting pretty hard. Smart kids, huh?

We went to breakfast and Katie snapped a picture of me with my newest medal.
I changed into my dry clothes in the restroom & ate a huge brunch.

So there you have it.  My time was a full minute faster than my previous PR.  
I'm really happy about that.  

I'm proud that I pressed on in miserable conditions.

I just wish the race itself had been more fun.
I love half marathons and this race has a special place in my heart. 
 (It's where I finished my very first half)  

The Erie Runners Club puts on a great half marathon.  The volunteers are so helpful and friendly.  They even stayed out there and kept smiling during the downpour.  I kept saying "Thank You" but I couldn't fully express how much I appreciated their support.

We got cool shirts which I will be sporting all day today.

And cool medals.  The kids said I have to stop wearing mine around now.

So that's my half marathon report.
I'm signed up for another in September.  Let's hope for another PR with more fun in it!

Go ahead, tell me your worst run story.  
Misery loves company!

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