Monday, July 2, 2012

Just keep swimming... just keep swimming

I can smell it right now.  Chlorine.  It's the smell of my summer.

As I write this post I'm sitting on my deck.  Katie & Mandy are flinging each other around in the pool.  They had swim team practice this morning.  They ate lunch and got in their pool.  They watched a little TV, ate dinner and they are back in their pool.

This girl smells like chlorine.

This girl smells like chlorine.

This kid smells like chlorine.  Hey! That's Brian.  I finally got a picture of him.  He's about to start his leg of a relay.  Don't worry, he didn't jump on that other kid or anything.

Here's another picture of him with his favorite auntie. Ha! 
Doesn't he look excited?

On Saturday, Ken did the Bay Swim 2012.  It's a one-mile open water swim.  This is the third time he has done this particular event and he snagged himself a personal best time.

We got up bright and early to be his support team.  
I made my home-made iced coffee to go.

Ken drove us all to the start.  He looks almost as excited as Brian.
(these people love it when I follow them around taking pics for the blog)

Each year the Bay Swim committee picks a theme color.  All the swim caps coordinate.  The girls & I  were so excited when we showed up & saw everyone wearing their hot pink caps!

Katie didn't think Dad could handle putting on his own cap so she helped.
It's hard to imagine how he manages to work all day without her bossing him around.

I'm not sure what to say about this one, but I feel that you need to see it.
You're welcome.

Everyone finally lined up to get in the water.  There were lots of announcements about what a wonderful event this is.  The one organizer kept saying, "This is not a race."  Whatever.  As soon as you slap numbers on people they know they're in a race.

Presque Isle Bay was surprisingly warm this year (73 degrees) because we had a mild winter and Lake Erie did not freeze.  Everybody got in!

And started swimming...

The girls & I jumped in the car to drive around to the Erie Yacht Club- AKA the finish line.

When we got there we found our spots to watch everyone climbing out.  Much to our surprise, Ken was already on this ladder.  Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of him climbing up that ladder.  Did I mention he was speedier than usual this year?

He got rewarded with a pink beach towel!  
The girls & I are actively trying to steal it.

We also ran into Coach Stephanie who coaches Katie & Mandy's swim team.  
That girl is really fast!

After all that, Ken had worked up an appetite so we took him out for breakfast.  I didn't take any pictures of our food because my people had kind of had it with me taking their pictures and I didn't want to press my luck.

That was our big Saturday morning!

This Sunday's Erie Times News had a picture on it of the Bay Swimmers.
That's Ken! I'm sure of it- I'd know that hairy arm anywhere!

I really hope your weekend was as great as ours!

I've got a really great review of Halo headbands coming up for you, but it will have to wait because this post is already way too long.

Also, I'd just love it if you'd "like" my facebook page and/or follow me on Twitter.  I need to let Ken know that all this computer time isn't wasted and someone actually reads this stuff.

No Tuesday Trainer this week- we'll be back next week, though! 
Don't you worry!

If you had to pick one- swim in a pool or at the beach?

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