Friday, July 20, 2012

A Nothing Sort of Weekend

Last weekend we had plans.

We biked, ran & swam our way through several days of fun.

We ate celebratory brunches and grilled dinner poolside.

It was loads of fun.

But, ask me what we're doing this weekend.

I'll say, "nothing" with a big smile on my face.
Nothing might turn into something.  A fun opportunity might arise and we'll be ready to take advantage of it.  But for now, our plan is full of nothing.

Sometimes I just love doing nothing.

When we're doing nothing I have time for a Saturday morning run with my BRF.  Then I have the energy to make chocolate chip pancakes when I get home.

When we're doing nothing I look through cookbooks and try out a new recipe.  And if we don't like it, I run and get a pizza.  After all, I've got time since I'm busy doing nothing.

When we're doing nothing we can go on an errand to the grocery store and get sidetracked to a playground. Or a bookstore. Or the beach.  The possibilities are endless.

Today I wish you a little bit of nothing.

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