Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Little Run & a Thursday Playlist

It's almost the weekend again!

Yesterday I went for a little run with my little girl.
I've shared with you before that I like to use a run/walk method for my long distances.
Today I learned that Mandy prefers a sprint/stroll method for any distance.
We alternated between a leisurely stroll, where we looked at bunnies and admired landscaping, and an all-out sprint where we were red-faced & gasping for air.

I'm not sure if this run was the best thing for my tired post-half-marathon legs, but it sure was fun!  I was a little jealous when we finished and Mandy got to jump into the pool at swim team practice.

I almost didn't do a Thursday Playlist this week.

The theme is Dance-ability.  It's certainly fun enough, but... well... 
I'm a terrible dancer.  
Don't get me wrong, my lack of ability doesn't keep me off of the dance floor.  

I'm a singer and pianist.  I also play other instruments.  
I'm a passionate music lover.

Just not a dancer.

But, just for you I came up with a few dance-able songs for your running playlist.  I hope you like them.  I know that they make me want to pretend like I can dance.  

When you're done here, head on over to Pavement Runner's blog and click on some other dance-able links!

Something Old
Song: Oh What a Night
Artist: The Four Seasons
Side Note:  I could never do a list of dance songs without this tune.  It brings back wonderful memories of college friends.  Apparently the memories are a little foggy because I couldn't actually think of this song's title.  Thank goodness my friend Colleen was online last night to remind me.  
Delta Zeta sisters always have my back!
Quotable:  Seemed so wrong but now it seems so right.

Something New
Song: Edge of Glory
Artist: Lady Gaga
Side Note: I make a lot of fun of her crazy outfits, but her music gets me moving my butt! 
I wonder if she has running shoes?
Quotable: I'm hanging on a moment with you

Something to Consider
Song: Copacabana
Artist: Barry Manilow
Side Note: I saw him in concert and I loved every minute of it.  
Don't judge me.
Quotable: Music and passion were always the fashion at the Copa... 
Ha! You know you're singing it right now!

See ya later Lola!

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