Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Here we are crashing yet another party.  It's What I Ate Wednesday!  

I'll start by telling you what I did NOT eat.
I absolutely did not eat this guy.
We were a little shocked to see him hanging around the grocery store today.  I'm an adventurous eater- especially when it comes to seafood- but there was no way I was taking him home in a bag.
No amount of googling recipes is gonna make him look appetizing.

Moving on...  last week I told you about our multiple Tim Horton's stops.  These things are threatening to make my wallet a lot thinner while they make my butt a lot wider.

So, I ordered some Torani's sugar free sweeteners from Amazon.
Ken thinks I went overboard.
I think I forgot to order the Peppermint flavor.

We started by buying some fancy re-usable cups. (much prettier than the ones from Tim Horton's)

Then I brewed some coffee (Folger's gourmet Carmel Drizzle flavor) and made ice cubes out of it.  I wish I could remember which blogger recommended this so that I could give credit where credit is due. This way when the ice cubes melt, your coffee doesn't get water-y.

We put our iced coffees together this morning and they were delicious.  
So delicious, in fact, that we forgot to photograph them for you.

Mandy is not into iced coffee.  She did her own concoction of Almond Milk & Soy Milk with Carmel & Chocolate flavorings.  I tried it- she's good!

I changed up my favorite breakfast smoothie this week.  Usually I only use a banana, but this week I'm using 1/2 the banana and some strawberries.  I whip it up in my magic bullet.
It's pretty and pink when it's done.  
That's my new Stainless Steel re-usable straw (also from Amazon).
People commented in the reviews that it conducts the coldness of the drink.  They are right- I kinda like it.  But, then other people were complaining that it conducts the heat of hot beverages.  What the???
Who drinks hot chocolate or hot coffee with a straw?

The girls are into daily swim team practices now so it's hard to feed them enough.  If you wait too long between meals & snacks they start chewing on the furniture.

For breakfast this week I made them a microwave banana muffin.  I got the recipe from my new best friend StuftMama.  I substituted oat flour for the oats.  The girls scarfed them up pretty fast. 
Of course we dumped peanut butter on it!

On Father's Day we took Daddy out to lunch at Nunzi's.  Their portions are HUGE so we brought home plenty of leftovers.  I ordered my favorite Eggplant Parmesan.  It was delicious!  The next day I ate it again for lunch.  I'm glad it's gone now, because I don't really think it likes me as much as I like it.
There was no leftover salad.  (Warning: if you eat with me and leave salad behind I will probably eat it)
So I had to make a new salad to go with my leftovers.  I hope I have enough greens.

Dinner was a minute steak and more salad.  
Everyone else had a bun, but too much bread in a day doesn't agree with me.
It didn't photograph well, but it tasted great.

Tonight we're having Walleye for dinner.  It was hanging out near that big monkfish up there.  It looked really yummy in comparison.  It's fresh from Lake Erie- close to home.
I don't know how they know which fish are Canadian and which ones are American.  
Ken said maybe this one is a wall-aye?  Funny guy.

This past weekend I tried out a new wine.  Moscato is my favorite and I generally buy the Elmo Pio kind which is fabulous.  But the name of this one caught my eye and it was on sale.
That's right friends! The Naked Grape.  
And it was on sale- how could I not give it a try?
Good news- it tastes good.

The other wine I've been enjoying lately is called Girls' Night Out.  My Dad gave it to me a while ago and honestly I forgot I had it.  I like it- very fruity.  Ken won't try it though.  He says it's for girls.  Fine by me... I don't have to share it with Katie & Mandy for another decade.

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