Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIAW & PB Crave Winner

I realize that some most of you are checking in today because you want to know who won the PB Crave.  I'll get right to it!

We were very scientific with our random drawing.
We got out the red bowl again!
Mandy shuffled the names and drew...


Congratulations!  Message me your mailing address and I'll send it on to the nice people at PB Crave.

I've got another fun giveaway coming soon.  
I'll keep you updated on the facebook page so check in often!

Now for some What I Ate Wednesday fun.

My girls started swim team practice this week so they are eating everything in the house.  Katie & I are busy developing an addiction to flavored iced coffees from Tim Horton's.
Yesterday we bought ourselves some coffee and ordered some Torani sweeteners from Amazon.  
We'll let you know if we can create an at-home version

I've been packing snacks for the kids to consume in the car. 
Did I mention they're always hungry?

The red bowl has been put to good use all week.  In addition to picking winners, it's been holding salads at dinner every night.  It's so nice to have everyone home more now that summer has arrived.
That's romaine lettuce, tomatoes, green onions and parmesan cheese.  I think there's some cucumber in there too.  I see now that there is a smudge on my lens.  Darn it.

Katie has been experimenting with her own recipes.  I didn't get any pictures for you- she says they are not ready to share.  She's also been dumping PB Crave on everything in sight.  There is discussion about which flavor would be best on peanut butter cup ice cream.  This is getting crazy.

We also grabbed a rotisserie chicken at Giant Eagle after swim practice.  I'm glad I only have two kids because they both want a leg and I have yet to find a 3-legged rotisserie chicken.  
(Yes, the food is on top of Barbie's face)

So that's our WIAW.  Click on the button that will take you over to Peas & Crayons to see some of other people's eats!

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