Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Trainer & a Gymboss Giveaway

We're crashing the Tuesday Trainer party once again!

Some One of you said you liked the Tuesday Trainer videos so we sat out on our sunny deck and made a new one.

This week's theme was Rest. We are experts in this area!

Check this out.
See? We're pros.  Even as I write this I'm stretched out on the couch in my favorite pajama pants.
Fancy, huh?  I got those babies at the ERC Turkey Trot.  
Okay, it was two years ago but they're just soft enough now.

Lindsey gave us some questions to answer for our Tuesday Trainer video.
Apparently she didn't think you'd want to watch videos of us just lounging on the couch.

So, here we go with the Meet Your Trainer assignment.  Katie & Mandy answered the questions too since I keep putting them in the videos.

Please notice that I am not wearing the pink tank top again.  You can thank Katie for this.  She made me change my shirt when we realized that I've worn the same pink tank top in two different videos.
She doesn't want you guys to think I don't have any other clothes.
(It's a good thing Ken doesn't read my blog- he'd fall off his chair laughing at that one)

When you're done here, click on the TT button on the right 
and check out the other Meet Your Trainer videos.

Now for the Giveaway!

Mark from Gymboss sent me a very cool Interval Timer for review.  He also offered to give one to one of my readers.  What a nice guy, right?

So, here's how you can win:
First, "like" both KRW and Gymboss Interval Timers on facebook.

Then, tag us both in a post telling us what you would do with your timer if you were to win.

(typing @Gymboss and @KidsRunning should bring us up as you type your post over on facebook)

I'll post my review of my Gymboss Timer and the name of the winner on Monday June 25th.

Now, I'll be honest.  This is NOT a random drawing.  Katie, Mandy & I are going to pick the answer that we like best.  So be creative!  We need some entertainment around here.

Just out of curiosity, 
what are your favorite workout pants?

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