Monday, June 4, 2012

Stuff I Forgot to Tell You

Very often, as I run around doing all my mommy duties I have a thought that goes something like, "hey, I should write a blog post about that..." 
and then the moment is gone.  
Usually I am distracted by traffic, children, food... you name it.

This post is a random compilation of stuff I forgot to tell you.  Enjoy.

1. Last weekend at the Run For Shelter 5K, Katie won her age group. 
I'm sure you can imagine that this put a little spring back into her step after powering through a tough run.  She says her new goal is to do this at a race where age group awards are being given out.

2. Mandy was 2nd in her age group.  
Please don't tell her that there were only 2 runners in her age group.

3. I won some wonderful Ben Gay from Laura @ Sprint to the Table.
I am ridiculously excited about this product because you can keep it in the freezer next to your frozen broccoli.  It gives my tired muscles a little jolt of cold goodness.  
(just be careful not to mistake it for deodorant)

4. We posed for the Her Times magazine again!  Our picture was in the issue that came out on Sunday. You can see the article by my friend Heather along with a walk-to-run plan here.  

Honestly, I don't know why those girls on America's Top Model are starving themselves and being stressed out.  All you have to do is make friends with a writer... we get to pretend we're models all the time.  You might remember that we were once on the cover of the Her Times magazine since I mentioned it here and here and here

5.  Summer means that Wegmans is making Red, White & Blue bread again.  Katie & Mandy love this stuff.  A loaf never lasts more than 24 hours and Ken & I never get any.  It has cranberries, blueberries & I don't know what else in it.
6. The nice people at PB Crave are sending me some of their product to review.  They are also going to give some PB Crave to one of you!  I am anxiously awaiting this delivery.  I'm really trying not to scare the UPS guy.  Stay tuned.
In the meantime, they sent me some pictures to tease you with.  These ones on the beach crack me up.  I guess the PB Crave jars want to pretend they're models too.
7. Today we hit 100 "likes" on our facebook page!  
I think people are attracted to the sun-bathing peanut butter.

Happy Monday everyone!

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