Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sign Me Up for Summer

Did you enter the PB Crave giveaway yet?  The winner will be announced on Wednesday!
Here's another beach pic of the PB for you.  I just love these.

Summer has officially arrived! Our pool is up in the back yard and little swimmers are enjoying it. 
Yes, Mandy is snorkeling.

Nobody was interested in getting up to go to church today.  I finally got them moving by promising a trip to Tim Horton's.  Yes, I bribe the children with donuts & caffeine.  Whatever works.
As summer begins, I spend time signing the family up for our summer activities.  
Summer is a wonderful time for relaxation, but I find that the girls do better if they have just a little bit of structure.

Katie, Mandy & their cousin Brian all swim on a summer swim team- they practice every morning for an hour.  I love this.  I get to throw them in the pool and burn off a little bit of energy first thing in the morning.  They have a few meets during June & July.
I also added them to my fitness club membership.  
(yet another pool to throw them in) 
My club even has a wave pool outside.

I'm also looking into a learn-to-fish clinic- I hope I haven't waited too long.  
I hear they fill up quickly.

I also spent time doing a few sign-ups for me & Ken.  
Ken will be swimming across Presque Isle Bay in June.
He's done this event 3 times so far.  He tried to talk me into swimming this year but I'm still too chicken.  Open water swimming means no pushing off the wall every 25 yards and no big black line to follow.  
Maybe someday, but not yet.

He'll also participate in the Quad Bike in July.  
We girls will wait at the finish line with a dry shirt and cold beverages.

This is the continuation of the Highmark Quad Games... my peeps all did the Swim back in April.

I'm signed up for the Presque Isle Half Marathon in July.  This will be my third time running this race.  It was my first half marathon in 2009.  It's always hotter than Hades, but I love this hometown race anyway.

So that's our summer... what are your kids doing?
Did you remember to sign Mom & Dad up for some fit fun?

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