Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PB Crave, Tuesday Trainer & a Happy Mermaid

Today is your last chance to enter the PB Crave giveaway!
I'm choosing a winner tonight and I'll announce it on Wednesday.
Maybe you need to see another picture- ok, here you go.
Now enter the giveaway so you have a chance to go to the beach with the PB Crave.

I got my act together and did a Tuesday Trainer video this week.

Lindsey decided that this week's theme was Vanity moves.

These are the moves that don't necessarily burn a ton of calories, but we do them anyway in the hopes that they will make some body part or another beautiful.

Katie & I worked on this one together since Mandy got last week's video all to herself.

We're showing you backstroke-kick-on-land.  There's probably a better name for this move but it's summer so we've got swimming on the brain.

Here're our contribution.  Please note that I actually learned to use the text feature on iMovie.  
Aren't you proud of me? Thanks.

In other news, Katie finally got her appliance removed from her mouth today.

She has had a mouth full of metal since shortly before Thanksgiving.  She was never so happy to see her dentist than she was today.  One of her back teeth actually came out with the appliance so the tooth fairy will be visiting our house tonight!
She still has 4 little braces in the front for now.  She tried to pin the dentist down on a removal date but that guy is tough.  He didn't budge even though she flashed her big brown eyes at him.

Speaking of swimming, Katie told me that with the appliance she had felt a lot of pressure in her mouth when she went down to the bottom of the deep end.  No more!
Apologies in advance to the coaches who will be trying to get her attention tomorrow.  
She'll be at the bottom pretending to be a mermaid.

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