Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not Tuesday Trainer

Recently we jumped on the Tuesday Trainer bandwagon.
We demonstrated Tree Pose for the Balance edition of Lindsey's Tuesday Trainer.

We had a great time making the video and looked forward to our next assignment.

Unforunately, (for us) Lindsey's next theme was Kickboxing.

We don't know anything about kickboxing.

We briefly considered doing some internet research, but ultimately decided against embarrassing ourselves.  For now.

But, Mandy has been dying to show you Crow Pose.  She loves yoga.  
So, this is her video for our Not Tuesday Trainer.

Please ignore the disgusting couch- we made this video in the basement.  
That couch is a lot older than Mandy.

We'll try to do next week's assignment- if we know anything at all about it.

As runners, we know that stretching is good for us.  However, most runners skip this very important part of the workout and say that they just don't have time for it.  

I run injury-free all winter because my weekly mileage is low.  But then summer arrives.  The days grow longer and so do my runs.  Suddenly my hips tighten up and begin their protest.

Last summer I found The No Om Zone by Kimberly Fowler.  The book includes focused routines for the part of the body that you need to work on.  I did her  10 minute workout for hips every day- sometimes twice a day- and managed to stay pain-free through two half marathons.  
Yes, I am hooked on yoga.

What's your favorite yoga pose?
Take a picture of yourself in that pose 
and post it on our facebook page!
The first person to post a picture will get a gift from us.

Now you should head over to Lindsey's List and see what the kickboxing fans have put together for you.


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