Thursday, June 21, 2012

No Excuses, Gymboss Timer & a LiveFit Update

I realize I owe you an update on my experience with Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer.  
Did you think I quit?  No, I did not. 
If I had, I would have told you all about it.

I'll get to that in a minute.  First, I need to rant just a bit.

I get really annoyed when I tell people that I run, lift or generally workout and they say, "Oh, I'd love to  do that but I just don't have the time."

Really?  Do you think I have more hours in my day than you do?  We all get allotted the same 24 hours.  We decide what we're going to do with them.  We decide where our priorities lie.  So feel free to tell me, "I don't work out because it's not on my list of priorities."  That's fine.  That's truthful.

Are there days I skip my workout?  You bet.

I'm honest about it.  I look at my schedule and I make a choice.  Sometimes I get up earlier than usual to get my workout in.  And sometimes I decide that my time is better spent on other tasks and I'll get back to working out tomorrow.  I've even taken whole weeks off simply because the family schedule was demanding and I felt that I was better served to sleep in. 

I made choices about how I would spend my time.  You do too. 

Take yesterday- I got up early and lifted weights.  My intention was to run while my kids had their swim practice.  Once we arrived, it became clear to me that Mandy was having some anxiety about practice.  She feels intimidated by one of the other girls.  She's having trouble keeping up with some of the older girls.  And she wanted her mom to stay.

So I did.  My personal workout be damned- it was time to be the mom.

Practice ended & we had lunch.  We did some chores and the kids got in the pool.  Hmm... Mom still hadn't done any cardio.  My Gymboss Interval Timer was sitting on the table looking at me.  So I put on my trainers and went out by the pool.  Here is the workout I did in my back yard.
Mandy jumped out of the pool and joined me for a few Mountain Climbers.  Then she realized that Mountain Climbers are hard so she got back in the pool.

The whole sequence took less than 15 minutes.  My heart rate was up and I was a sweaty mess.  Was it as good as my 45 minute run would have been?  No.  But it got the job done and I felt satisfied.

Today while the girls swam, I ran.  All is well.

So examine your priorities and make your choices, but please...
Do you want a Gymboss Interval Timer?
Tag Kids Running Wild Blog & Gymboss Interval Timers on facebook in a post telling us what you'd do with your timer if you were to win one.  On Monday I'll post my full review of my timer and pick a winner.  It doesn't necessarily have to be fitness-oriented either. Be creative!
(The picture is not sideways- it's on my waistband)

 I finished LiveFit Phase 2.  A few thoughts-
  • Scheduling all 6 workouts per week wasn't as hard as I had anticipated.  I missed 2 workouts and  I purposely skipped them. (read on- I'll tell you why)
  • Phase 2 was sort of like Phase 1 intensified.  More exercises per workout, supersets etc.
  • I'm still not following the diet.  I just can't do it.  Plus, in week 7 Jamie announced that it was time to count calories.  Sorry, no. I did that in the extreme all through my twenties.  I will gladly eat sensible portion sizes, but I'll never have dinner with my calculator again.
Moving on to Phase 3 looked a little scary to me.  In this phase Jamie introduces "Active Rest" which Katie always points out, is an oxymoron.  

Here's how it works:
We are still picking up heavy things and putting them down.  In between these sets we are now jumping around.  She likes jackknife crunches, mountain climbers, jumping jacks & jumping rope. I totally pretend to jump rope since I never did get the hang of the actual rope.  I don't imagine I'm going to be able to figure that one out at 39 years old.

I am actually liking Phase 3 this week.  
I find that I'm liking the change of pace.  

However, I am modifying some of the leg workouts.  Those are the two that I skipped in Phase 2.  There are typically two leg workouts in each week.  I was having trouble scheduling intense leg workouts with my runs.  There were a couple of occasions when I felt like I was running on very tired legs. Since I am a runner first, I just can't do a lot of workouts that interfere with my half-marathon training.
 In Phase 2 I skipped a couple of those.  In Phase 3 I am either shortening them by skipping 2 or 3 exercises or I am simplifying the moves by using a resistance band in place of heavy weight.  I have also stopped attempting to add weight to any of the moves.

So go do your workout! Or do the one I gave you- No Excuses!

Do you have a Plan B workout? Tell me... I might like to try it!

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