Monday, June 25, 2012

Mondays, Gymboss Timer review & a Winner!

Happy Monday everyone!  I know, I know- nobody likes Monday.
But, Monday can be such a great day to start again.  Start exercising again.  Start eating right again.  Have more patience with your kids.  Be nicer to your spouse.  You can do it.  Start today- imagine where you'll be by Friday.

I saw this guy over on Pinterest.  I just love this message.
Grandma Glo has a dog named Daisy.  She's a lovable little spaz.  She loves Grandma Glo and is just smart enough to realize that she gets fed pretty well at their house.  But, if you leave the gate open she will bolt! Fast!  She never misses an opportunity for an adventure.  We shouldn't either.

Speaking of opportunities, 
I got to try out a little Gymboss Interval Timer this week. 

This little guy appeared in my mailbox about a week ago:
I love the camo color so I was really excited.  I took it out of the box and followed the instructions to set the intervals.  But, did you see the number in the lower left corner?  That's an eight.  hmm...

I went to the troubleshooting area of their website and followed the reboot instructions. I even put in a brand new battery. (I'm such a rule follower)  But it still looked funny.

I sent Mark (my go-to guy at Gymboss) an e-mail with that picture attached.  
I got back a quick response that said simply, "Looks like a faulty timer.  I'll send another."  
Sure enough,  a brand new timer landed in our mailbox within 48 hours and it worked great.
Everything worked great and I even got the camo color again.  Woo hoo!

I'll be honest- I've become very attached to my timer in a very short time.

First, I took it on a run. Actually, it's set up for my run in the picture I just showed you.  I typically use a  run/walk method on long runs.  The picture above shows my preferred interval.  Run 4 mins. and walk 1 minute.  

I set it to vibrate instead of beep.  I run with headphones unless I'm running with a friend, so I'm constantly checking my watch to make sure I didn't miss the beep.  The vibrate setting solved this problem.

I must tell you that after I clipped it on my belt I sort of forgot about it.  I was a little bit startled when I felt the first little buzz on my waist! Surprise!

The Gymboss is small and very lightweight.  
I appreciate this for running as I do not like to carry any more gear than necessary.  It has a sturdy clip. You can carry it right on your waistband or even on your fuel belt.

I also used my Gymboss to time this workout in my backyard later in the week:

I was a sweaty mess.

I also used it to time my post-run stretches.  According to The No Om Zone I'm supposed to hold my hip stretches for 30 seconds on each side.  I believe that I was really short-changing my stretches before I had the timer.

Mark was nice enough to offer a Gymboss Interval Timer to one of my readers.  I agreed since I know how you guys like free stuff.

I saw quite a few great responses when I asked what you would do with your Gymboss, but I could only pick one winner.  And the winner is...

Alice Pittman-Girtan

Alice wants to use her new Gymboss Interval Timer to train for her half marathon (hey, me too!) but that's not the answer that won her a timer. 

 Alice snagged her new toy when she told me that she's going to use it to time her teenage daughter's shower.  Ha!

I just love a mama who knows how to combine her fitness & parenting goals!

Congraulations Alice! E-mail your shipping information to and I'll forward it to Mark at Gymboss.

I leave you with this picture just to start your Monday off right.
We pass this sign every day on the way home from swim team practice.  
It cracks us up every day.

Katie insisted we stop and take a picture just for you.
You're welcome.

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