Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Little Fish & a Tuesday Trainer

Tuesdays are just becoming tons of fun around here aren't they?  

Since two of you have officially decided that you like the Tuesday Trainer, we did another one!

But first, let's talk family fitness.

My little fish had their first swim meet of the season.

To celebrate the occasion they got new swim caps.
It's all about the accessories.

For some reason Mandy was very nervous about this meet.  She was on the team last summer and did fine so her nervousness was a little surprising.  Life is hard when you're eight, I guess.

So Steve the Elephant came along to the swim meet.  You wouldn't think that an elephant would be a great swimming partner but Steve has accompanied Mandy just about everywhere since she was 2.

Fun fact- at one point Steve was a girl.  Now he is a boy.  His name has always been Steve.

Some last minute tips from coach Becca got the little girls ready to roll.

Mandy swam the 25-yard freestyle & backstroke.  She was also on a relay team.

Katie swam the 50-yard breaststroke, butterfly & freestyle.  
She was on a relay team and we even found time for a photo shoot.

I sat down on a wet spot on the bench.  That's the breaks at a swim meet.

After the meet Papa showed up with pies from McDonald's.  Happy little damp kids.

My nephew, Brian also swims.  He's like a tall skinny torpedo.  I didn't get any pictures of him though. I think he avoids me when my camera is hanging around my neck.  I'll get him next time.

Ok, it's time for Tuesday Trainer!

This week's theme was Family Fitness.  
We were so excited about this theme- it's right up our alley.

Mandy & I demonstrated something that the body builders call 
Donkey Calf Raise.

Frankly, I don't like calling myself a donkey.
We call it "There's a monkey on my back!"

Mandy thinks this is loads of fun.  That's because she's the person on top.

Katie ran the camera for us and once again monitored my clothing choices.


I typically do 3 sets of 20 calf raises.  My calves really start burning during the second set.

Yesterday I posted about the Gymboss Timer and showed you this picture.
Katie pointed out that I'm wearing the pink tank top once again. Ha!

Under Armour should really send me another tank top- I'm giving them all kinds of exposure here!

How do you get fit with your family?
Did you have a favorite stuffed animal as a kid? 
Was he/she as cool as Steve?


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