Friday, June 29, 2012

Confessions of a Reformed Sun Worshiper

Ken used to be in a classic rock band.  When they were choosing new songs, a very wise guitar player would remind the band, "You have to give the people what they want."

That's what I try to do here on this blog.  
You guys don't seem to want me to be too serious around here 
and that's just fine.  
I'm not exactly a "too serious" sort of gal anyway.

But, today I have a confession to make.  
I've been very worried for the last two weeks.

It started after my eight mile run two weeks ago.  I chose the wrong sports bra and ended up with some nasty chafing on my back.  I showered and then looked over my shoulder into the mirror to see if I was bleeding. 
(Don't you just love when a run leaves you bloodied?)

What I saw (in addition to my bloodied back) was a brand new mole. Huh?  Further inspection showed that it was weird-looking.

This might not have worried me except for the fact that four years ago I had an abnormal mole removed.  It resembled this new one.  So I rang up my dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic and made an appointment.

Today Grandma Glo and I made a road trip.

We drove about two hours and then I got to dress up in 
this cute little number.
I couldn't help but wonder- did somebody die in this thing yesterday?  
Note to self: move on. Don't think about it.

My lovely derm agreed that it was best that I got this thing checked out.  But she had good news- it was fine.  No scalpel for me today! 

She checked out all my other moles (I think we might be dating now) and gave my epidermis the nod of approval.

She even gave me a bag of sunscreen & moisturizer samples!
I was particularly excited about the Eucerin as it's my favorite moisturizer.

Once I breathed a big sigh of relief, we headed to the eatery and grabbed a sandwich.
Grandma Glo loves when I make her get her picture taken for the blog. ha!
Hydration is also good for your skin!

Do you see the crow's feet around my eyes?  They're there because that's a real smile.  That's me being happy because I don't have to worry about the mole today. 

It's not abnormal.  It's definitely not cancer.  It's just weird-looking.  And that's just fine with me.

I will continue to be diligent in my skin care though because
I have so many risk factors:
I'm fair skinned & I freckle easily. 
(I just thought about being in the sun and another one popped right up)

I have a lot of moles. More than 50 on your whole body is considered a lot.  
I get to 50 on just my arms & then lose count.

And I spent a good amount of time in tanning beds.  I was in my 20's and thought I was invincible.  Now I know different. 

Here's some friendly advice straight from my derm:
First, Use sunscreen.  SPF 30 or higher.

Second, Use a shot glass.  No, doing shots won't help your skin- that's the measuring tool you need.  A shot glass full of sunscreen is just the right amount- you're probably not using enough.

Third, Reapply every 2 hours.  I don't care if you're using SPF 1,000.  
You have to reapply more often than you think.

And last, you might be lucky.  You might never have a weird mole like me.  You might dodge the skin cancer bullet for your entire life.  But excess sun exposure will make you look old.  Who wants that?

That is all.  Please take care of yourselves friends.  
I promise, I'll get back to being random now.

Are you wearing your sunscreen today?
You better be!  Get the shot glass out now!

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