Thursday, May 10, 2012

What Can One Mama Do in a Day?

Fair Warning: While there is an awful lot of running around in this post,
it is not about running.
This post is also a long one.  If you make it to the end, you'll be rewarded with a short film I made about Popcorn, our gecko.

My friend Amanda issued a challenge this morning to friends on facebook.  How much can you accomplish today?  Here we go Amanda! Here is a day in the life of this mama.

First, I did my workout.  Today was a Leg workout.  Since my legs were still sore from Monday's workout, this was just loads of fun.  Then I hopped onto the treadmill for 30 minutes to get some endorphins.  Here's my workout:
Next, I took a shower.  I realize this is not a remarkable accomplishment, but if you ran into me at all today I'm sure you were glad that I showered.  
Here's me all shiny and clean:
I packed up some food for the road in my cute little dish.  
Chicken, veggies, kiwi & rice pops with almond butter.  Yum.
Ready to roll, I loaded up the back of the car with books & clothing that my kids have outgrown.  The basket went to Once Upon a Child, the box went to the Salvation Army.
Drop-offs complete, I had a little snack in the car.  This is actually my Dad's car.  One of ours is being inspected and Dad is in Florida anyway, so he's not using it.  Don't worry, he won't mind if I eat in his car- he does it all the time.  Although, I doubt he's ever snacked on veggies in his car.  He's more of a Cheetos kind of guy.
I stopped at Giant Eagle and bought a PetSmart gift card.  Popcorn, Mandy's gecko, needs food and I need a discount on my gas.  That's a win-win!
While I was there, this little guy said he wanted to live on my kitchen counter. I agreed. 
His name is Thor.
I'm really glad I packed the snacks because I saw at least 3 of these on my drive... 
I did not allow the golden arches to lure me in!
(that truck in front of me was really stinky)
Then I went to the Erie Playhouse costume shop to borrow stuff for the children's play at my church.
I rang the bell and was greeted by the lovely Emily!
We spent some time together in the prop shop.  
I'm sure glad Emily was with me or I might still be lost in there right this minute!  
We loaded up my car with loads of goodies for the show!
They could have rowed Noah's Ark with pink oars, right?
I unloaded all this stuff at the church so that I would have room in the car 
to swing by the school and pick up these little cuties!

Now, were you wondering if I bought food for the gecko?  Well, yes I did.  
And in case you didn't know, they eat live crickets.  
Here is the short film of Popcorn being very happy.

My day isn't over yet.  I'm making lamb chops for dinner!

What did you do today?

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