Saturday, May 26, 2012

Run for Shelter 5K report

How was your morning?  Mine was full of sweaty fun. (my favorite kind)

We headed out to Presque Isle for the Run for Shelter 5K.  Our local runners club organized this race as a fundraiser for the pavilion they are constructing at Beach One- site of many starts & finishes.

This morning's race also marked Kristina's first race since giving birth to my beautiful niece two months ago.  
Kristina is my sister-in-law and running partner.  
I was so happy to be able to celebrate her return to racing with her!
Who is that irritating kid?

I got to start between my two favorite running partners!

Today Katie & Mandy were joined by their cousin Brian.  Yes, he's taller than them.  He's also taller than me and very proud of it.  Whatever- I can still boss him around.
We all walked to the start.  Mandy & Grandma Glo lined up in back with the walkers.  The rest of us headed for mid-pack as we were feeling optimistic and the pack was small.  Then Mandy ran to find us because she needed me to help with a headband emergency.
We started a little too fast.  Then we slowed down and Brian started sort of walking beside our running pace.  We told him to run ahead or knock it off.  This kid is lucky he's cute.
We found the halfway point and did not get lost thanks to Jim Lang's fabulous directions. 
("Go about a mile and a half, run around a cone and come back!")  
We saw Mandy & Grandma Glo headed for the turnaround.  
We were excited to see that they were running!
Katie had a rough race.  (we assured her that everybody has them)  A combination of humidity and perhaps a little dehydration made her feel yucky.  But, she powered through to the finish line. 
We were excited to find cold water at the finish line- just where we needed it.
Soon Grandma Glo & Mandy were coming in to the finish line!
Mandy reported that they did a combination of walking & running but, 
"It seemed like we ran more than we ever have before."  Yaay for them!

This race was a Rummage Race- we got to choose t-shirts from previous races.  Awards were also recycled from other races and the "winner" was the person who finished last.  Then names were announced backwards until they ran out of old awards.  Mandy was thrilled to pick up a trophy.
A good run works up an appetite, so we went out for brunch.

This was my brunch- it was great.

I hope that your Memorial Day weekend started out well. 
 Have a great time this weekend!
Are you running a race this weekend?
If you're not signed up, I recommend finding a local 5K. You won't be sorry.

Katie wants to know- have you revisited your breakfast during a race?
(No, she didn't, but it was iffy there for awhile)

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